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Book Blitz: Birthright by Jessica Ruddick | Top Ten List + Giveaway!

Welcome to the book blitz for 
Birthright by Jessica Ruddick! 

by Jessica Ruddick
Genre: YA Supernatural
Release Date: March 20th 2017


How do you live with yourself when you decide who dies?

Ava Parks would have killed for an iPod for her sixteenth birthday. Anything would have been better than coming into her birthright of being a seeker for the Grim Reaper, an arrangement made by her fallen angel ancestor in exchange for his re-admittance to heaven. And she isn’t just any seeker—she finds souls that have the potential for becoming angels and sentences them to death. A year and two souls into her role as a seeker with her conscience overflowing with guilt, Ava comes up with a plan to thwart the system. When it goes awry, she is forced to submit the name of a classmate, Cole Fowler, an ornery, rough around the edges guy who always seems to come to her rescue, whether she likes it or not. Her feelings for Cole prompt her to intervene, and she saves him from death, upsetting the Grim Reaper’s agenda. 

While Ava schemes to find a way to save Cole, she learns he has some secrets of his own. She lets him believe he is protecting her, and not the other way around, until a final showdown with the Grim Reaper forces Ava to make choices Cole may never forgive.

Birthright can be purchased at any of the following retailers:

Top Ten Books/Series You Should Read (in no particular order)
**Keep in mind I have a master’s degree in English literature and I was an English teacher for thirteen years.
  1. Shakespeare’s plays, specifically Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, and Othello. You’d be surprised how relevant these works are today even though they were written four hundred years ago. Also, people often refer to Romeo and Juliet as a love story. Not really. It’s a tragedy about two lust-driven teenagers.
  2. The Harry Potter series. Do I even need to explain this one? ☺
  3. 1984. This book is another one of those that remains relevant even though it was written decades ago. There are still traces of it in pop culture today. Big brother, anyone?
  4. The Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead. I absolutely love these books. I’m a little bit obsessed, actually. They made me laugh, cry, and everything in between.
  5. J.D. Robb’s In Death series. A neighbor I babysat for introduced me to these way back when I was a young teenager and I still enjoy them now.
  6. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Some consider this the first romance novel. Isn’t that reason enough to read it?
  7. The Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood series by Charlaine Harris. These are a fun read. I also loved the TV show. The first season followed the first book pretty closely, but after that it veered off dramatically. Both are excellent in their own right, though.
  8. Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld series. There are thirteen books in all and it’s complete. (I read so fast I prefer a series to be complete when I start so I don’t have to wait.) There are also various novellas and short stories. The series is unique in that the narrators change from book to book, which keeps it fresh.
  9. Indie author Kate L. Mary’s Broken World series. Kate is actually a friend of mine and these books are addicting. They read like a TV show, similar to The Walking Dead. Full Disclosure: I don’t actually watch that show because it would give me nightmares! But anyway, the series is well written and I devoured them.
  10. Rachel Vincent’s Shifter series. This series is complete at six books. It was her first series and has been out for a while now. They were actually new adult before new adult became a thing.
So I know I’m forgetting about a million great books that deserve to be on this list, but these are the first ten that came to mind. The good news is that a lot of them are series, so I actually managed to sneak in over a hundred books! Pretty sneaky, right? ☺

Jessica Ruddick is a 2014 Golden Heart finalist for her new adult novel, Letting Go, which was inspired by her own college experiences. She lives in Virginia and is married to her college sweetheart—their first date was a fraternity toga party (and nothing inspires love like a toga, right?). When she doesn’t have her nose in a book or her hands on a keyboard, she can be found wrangling her two rambunctious sons, taming two rowdy but lovable rescue dogs, and battling the herd of dust bunnies that has taken up residence in her home. To learn more about Jessica, please visit her website at

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