From Boob Size To Eye Color, There’s A Sex Doll For Everyone

Every man has his own type and preferences on women – whether it be on height, hair color, skin color, eye color, and body frame. The fact that women are embracing individuality, diversity, and freedom nowadays makes it more astonishing and exciting for many males.

As an adult male who has the freedom to choose what he likes in woman, it might seem impossible to get the woman who embodies all the physical qualities you desire in real life. However, considering the same fact mentioned above, can you still get a woman that would embody exactly what you want in the physical aspect?

Good news – yes, you can. If you are sexually active adult male, then you surely will find many ways to satisfy yourself sexually with the image of the most desirable woman in your mind. And one way in particular stands out – none other than the use of sex dolls.

Get The Perfect Sex Doll For Your Unique Desires

As you have already known, a sex doll is a type of sex toy that closely resembles the appearance of a human female. The details are complete – just like an actual human female, a sex doll can also have a thick, beautiful hair, wide and curvy hips, big blue eyes, pouty lips, and a nose piercing. Popular adult markets like Doll Wives can provide you with sex dolls that would truly suit your unique desires in a woman.

But if the abovementioned qualities are not exactly your type, then you can choose something else. You want a girl with short, red hair with a few golden highlights? You can get a sex doll with that hair. You fancy a woman very blessed with big boobs? Then there is definitely a sex doll suited for you.

Not only that, at Doll Wives, you can actually get sex dolls that has two or more of the qualities you desire in your dream girl. Want a blond girl with blue eyes, big boobs and small waist? Then there is a sex doll right for you. Even if you fancy other qualities like ebony skin,  curly hair, and wide hips, you will never be disappointed because you will get your own sex doll as well.

No matter what qualities you want in a woman, whether it be boob size, eye color and body frame, you can get them through buying the perfect sex doll.


American’s Number One Sexual Fantasy: Doggy Style

Sex is an exciting and fulfilling activity that humans have to deal with. However, it is not always good all the time because you will sweat a lot, get hurt with some positions, failed to reach your orgasm, and your joints hurt after. The best way to make it more enjoyable is to choose a sex position where you and your partner feel comfortable. For sure you will never complain about anything because your focus is on the enjoyment you feel. But what position can be considered the best?

Identifying What Sex Position Men Enjoys

Sex is not just about reaching the peak of orgasm. There are also times that you want to play and try different things just like what you see in porn videos. If you would ty to ask men what position they love the most, then most of them would say the doggy style. But what is the reason why men love this position anyways? 

  • Men could easily hit the G-spot

Men surely want to see their partner satisfied in bed. They can only do this if they could hit the G-spot. The doggy position allows men to target this spot with ease because their penis is tilted naturally thus allowing them to rub the G-spot.

  • Men feels like they were in control

Men go for doggy because they feel that they dominate their partner. They have the control how deep they would want to go inside.

  • Men feels comfortable

Staying longer in sex is more likely possible if you are comfortable with your position. When doing the doggy, you can easily thrust your thing and do it longer without experiencing cramps.

  • You can do the position anywhere

Another thing that men loves about doggy style is that they can do it anywhere. They don’t need a bed be because they can do the doggy in the kitchen, in the bathroom, or even on the staircase.

  • It is a good position to get wild

Men could spank their partner when doing the doggy for an intense sex. This can be a perfect position to show your wild side.

You can never blame men why they would surely ask for a doggy when having sex. Besides, there partner will also enjoy this position because it easily hits their G-spot that gives them unexplainable pleasure. This is perfect if you want to be a bit naughty while enjoying the whole thing.


How Real Do Sex Dolls Really Feel?

Even the Bible tells us that sex is God’s gift to humans. Of course, in that context, sex is meant for men and women to enjoy one another’s presence, and most importantly, to multiply in His created world. Those who aren’t quite as religious may simply say that sex is fucking awesome.

Either way, there are times when sex isn’t a possibility. Partners may be separated or otherwise unavailable for playtime, a girlfriend (or boyfriend, for that matter) may not be “ready yet,” people may e between relationships, or they may just not be able to find the right person for sexual encounters. 

So, how can one enjoy sex without a partner? Of course, there’s always masturbation, but that can feel lonely or unfulfilling at times. Here’s a potentially more-satisfying answer: with a realistic sex doll.

Sex dolls, ever since they were first manufactured many years ago, have been created to look like a female. (Yes, there are male sex dolls, too.) At first, they were basically made from cheap materials, and while they looked sort of like a woman, their major attribute was that they had holes “in the right places.”

Technology has changed our world – and it has even changed the way that sex dolls are manufactured. Today, high-quality dolls made from materials like TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and silicone bring two new benefits to the table. They can last for a very long time, as long as they’re taken care of properly. Just as importantly, though, they feel almost like a woman’s skin.

That makes sex dolls more desirable than ever. They’re no longer just a “pretend woman with holes.” They actually feel almost as if they’re a human who you’re having sex with. The very latest models go even further, with features like heated genitals that simulate those of a woman. Truthfully, when you’re in the midst of hot sex with one of these high-end dolls, you may not even stop to think that your sex doll isn’t alive.

You can choose love dolls in many variations, to fit the type of girl or woman you’ve fantasized about for your entire life: big boobs, big butts, cheerleaders, college girls, gymnasts, older women, fetish partners – you name it. Reputable sex doll websites like Doll Wives have an enormous selection, and some can even customize your doll to meet your every desire.

One thing’s for sure, though; the sex with one of these sex dolls will feel almost exactly like the sex you have with a partner – but you won’t have to worry about whether they’re satisfied afterward.


More Common In America: Single Or Married?

In life, you’ll come to a point of deciding whether you stay single or get married. In a family, once a daughter or a son is at the right age, one common question thrown at them would be: “When will you get married?” Is it pressuring? Can you just escape the room and avoid the question?

Decide Properly about Your Choices

It’s a choice. To be single or married will always be part of the equation but it’s always your choice. As long as you are happy, either being single or married will not be an issue. Well, you might wonder what it feels like to be married but it’s a commitment so don’t start unless you’re sure about it. Being tied up in marriage is another phase in life, make sure you’re aware of the pros and cons before jumping right into it.

Single Outnumbers Married

In America where the population is big, you might wonder about how many are choosing to be single or get married. To continue the tradition, marriage is important in a family especially if you’re a part of those believing in some traditions or from a wealthy family.

But does it matter in the era you’re in now? Studies and research done by professionals are different. Singles already outnumbered the married population. More than half of the US population are single, defeating the number of those getting married.

Factors of Choosing to be Single

As the number of singles keeps rising, defeating the population of married ones, it is brought by different factors.

  • Past hurtful relationships left painful experiences. This builds an individual’s defenses up and makes them choose to be single. People tend to close themselves and go on self-protective mode so being in a relationship is a no-go.
  • Fear of being intimate as a result of building defenses and being picky in choosing a partner. There are limits on how a person could tolerate certain closeness and there’s a lot of factors that people would want their partners to have. With this, they tend to delay being in a relationship since they can’t decide whom they’re going to spend their time with.
  • Your routine mainly affects it. Becoming an adult entails a lot of responsibilities. It could be supporting your family financially or just going with daily work to support yourself. Being busy thinking about how to survive being an adult will give you less time for a relationship. It might be a drag for you so being single might be the best course for you.

Being married or single will depend greatly on one’s decision so numbers don’t matter. It’s them who’ll enter a relationship or not so numbers might rise or decline.


It’s Safe to Use a Sex Doll – They’re Even Hypoallergenic

There is no denying that the adult market is one of the most colorful to have existed nowadays. You know what to expect in such market – a wide range of toys, clothes, instruments, medicines, movies, apps, games, and other products all aimed for the greatest sexual satisfaction, with or without a partner.

And above all these products, the sex toy sector is perhaps one the most popular. With a great amount of toys available that come in different forms and functions, you will be assured that your sex life will never be boring.

Among all the popular sex toys in the market, the sex doll is the one that gets a lot of attraction from male adults. It is because using it will be the closest thing for you to actually have sex with someone. But with all the contact, are sex dolls actually safe? Read on to find out.

Sex Dolls: A Sex Toy Safe for All Males

 The sex doll is one of the most popular forms of sex toys in the market nowadays. What could be the reason behind this? Just as previously mentioned above, using a sex toy is the closest thing for males to actually have an intercourse – albeit with a doll, rather than an actual human.

This does not matter, though. It’s because sex dolls have the anatomical features that greatly matter for every sexual act. Since this toy involves contact, you would think, how could enjoying sex dolls and safety be both noted?

To relieve you of your worries, the answer that you’ve been wanting is this – yes, sex dolls are very safe to use by any male adult. In fact, they are actually hypoallergenic. That means using a sex doll at any time will not cause any negative side effect on your part such as skin irritations and other related sicknesses.

Since it is hypoallergenic, it will be very safe to use at any time and whatever skin type you have. It is because sex dolls will not cause any form of allergic reaction on your part, making it safe for skin contact.

Cleanliness For Safety

Therefore, it can be concluded that using sex dolls and safety can be both assured to be on your side. As you as you always keep it clean and sterilized, and you keep yourself clean, having fun with your sex doll with be always safe.


Why American Guys Have Always Had A Thing For Blonde Girls

Every American man has his own preference over women. But why is there a popular notion that being into blondes has become the norm? This is a topic that has been debated over the centuries. Countless theories and even scientific studies have delved into this kind of attraction towards women who have blonde hair.

Is there any explanation for it? Or is it just something that naturally happens as most people tend to stick with what is in the norm? Is there a driving force that makes American men turn their heads around whenever they see a blonde woman? See more below.

Do Blonde Women Demand More Attention Than Others?

More often than not, you can see blondes in American movies, TV series, documentaries, news channels, and so on. Why are they predominantly shown on the media? Is it because the networks know that using blonde women can generate more attention from the average American male viewer?

Some experts say that the attraction goes deep well within one’s subconsciousness. There’s no exact reason behind it, but it’s something that your subconscious urges you to feel. Blonde women have the advantage of being a standout in the crowd. You can spot them from afar as their hair always gives them away quickly.

In some studies, men preferred blonde women because they can show aging more. Some men like to decipher ages and blonde women often swear their age with their skin and appearance easily compared to others. Men tend to pick younger women and a blonde woman can give them less trouble when it comes to the guessing age game because they can already tell from outside.

Is This Notion True for Every American Man?

Choosing a mate based on their hair color can be applied to many, but at the end of the day, a lot of factors still decide the final outcome. Women themselves have a lot of preferences for men, but they can reconsider some once they found a man that they like. This also goes the same for men.

Everyone has their own preferences, but nobody is bound to stick to them. If you find a wonderful blonde girl to have a relationship with, then that is something to be happy about. It is the same with an American man finding love with a brunette, a red-haired girl, and so on. The possibilities are endless and the takeaway is always to choose someone that you are attracted to regardless of what they look like.


Vinyl Sex Dolls: Why You Should Avoid Them

More and more people who are alone find great pleasure in sex dolls. I am not saying this is an ideal scenario, but compared to cheating, this might be a better idea. Besides, as long as this will not mar your relationship or make you addicted to sex, there should be no harm inflicted in your lifestyle.

Sex dolls come in different forms and materials and thus, if you are planning to buy one right now, you have to note that the level of pleasure you will get from this will depend on your choice or on the features of the doll as well as the material of course.

As mentioned, this item, comes in different materials and one of the material you should avoid is the vinyl sex dolls. Let me explain why:

  • Unless you will use a lot of lube, your male member might get irritated with this kind of material.
  • The risk of popping is also possible with vinyl sex dolls, like if you are too heavy for the doll. This is why one should be quite careful if he will choose a playmate made of vinyl.
  • Your doll will crease easily making your doll look uglier. You see, with sex dolls, they need to be pretty so the user will be more motivated or will be more excited to use it. But when it is already creased, that will not be the case for sure.
  • When the doll is made of vinyl, most likely, the maker is using phthalates, and this chemical is harmful for humans in many ways. This is known to cause cancer and many other unwanted health issues. So, if you don’t want this to happen to you, it is best to buy a sex doll that is not made with vinyl.

Sex dolls might be a pleasure to use if you don’t use it as often, but you have to watch out as well as you might prefer this already over your wife and this might cause problems in your relationship. So, you always need to be responsible in using a sex doll. This should only be used when your real partner is not available, or sparingly. After all, this is still a form of masturbation and we all know that such act is not healthy. At the same time, it is also kind of dirty.