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Blog Tour - Hero High: Figure in the Flames by Mina Chara | Guest Post & Giveaway!

Hero High: Figure in the Flames 
by Mina Chara
Genre: YA Mystery Romance/Superheroes 
Release Date: October 1st 2016

Reality TV meets Superhero High School in this intriguing story about friendship, fame, and what it means tobe a hero. 

In Icon City superheroes save the day every day on the quarter hour. Led by Captain Fantastic, scores of superhero celebrities do their best to train the next generation. Seventeen year old Friday Fitzsimmons and Jake her childhood friend are their latest starstruck recruits. When Doctor Dangerous returns from the dead and the Figure in Flames decimates the city, Captain Fantastic is betrayed by one of his own. 

Torn between Jake, Ashley and her feelings for Doctor Dangerous, Friday must decide if her childhood friend is worth fighting for, and if the worlds most famous super-villain is worth saving, all while learning how tobe a hero.
On sale this week only (12/12-12/16)! 
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Advance Praise:

- I think this book will appeal greatly to fans of the Selection. - the dressmaker D'fwan reminded me of America's maids … The whole TV reality show aspect also reminded me of Hunger Game as well as The Selection.

- I Really Loved The Book
I am so looking forward to book two. I love the world you’ve created and I want to explore it more. I thoroughly enjoyed Friday and her story.

- I Really, Really Enjoyed This Book!
The way that Ashley and Friday’s relationship progressed was amazing. Too often, in books the two main love interests relationships progress way too quickly and it was refreshing to see Ashley and Friday’s relationship develop gradually instead of it being super rushed.

- I Would Give This Book a Full 5/5 Stars!
Like there was just so much to this book and none of the characters are like what you originally predicted. Every chapter keeps adding to the story and making it more and more complex, and it leaves you on the edge of your seat in suspense.

I ran as fast as I could until I heard the little girl cry. “Mrs Mine!”

I froze, and looked back. “Who’s Mrs Mine,” I asked.

“My bunny,” the little girl replied.  As a small child I had a stuffed bear and stupid as it was, I knew how she felt. That bunny was a member of the family. I dropped the little girl and pushed her forward.

“Run!” I yelled. “I’ll get your bunny.”

Lisa scooped up the girl and reached out to drag me back but she was too slow.

“Fitz!” Lisa screamed as I ran back towards the car, blocking out every sound, not letting myself think. I dropped to the floor and grabbed the toy like it was a baton in a relay race with no seconds to spare. I could hear each drop of fuel hit the road like the pounding of my pulse. Something blurry in the sky was speeding towards us and Lisa made a run for me again. Just as my fingers whispered across hers a voice boomed from above.

“Get down!” A man in a super skeleton suit flew down from the sky and wrapped himself round the two of us, deploying a shield from his back. It wasn’t a moment too soon. The car erupted in an awesome display of fire and the crowd oohed and awed at the spectacle as though they were watching New Year’s fireworks. I opened my eyes to the masked, super-suited figure above me.

“Partner Kisaragi, it’s good to finally meet you.” Lisa turned away from his face, only inches from hers, and mumbled something under her breath that might have been “show off”.

Top Ten Favorite Superheroes!

So here’s a tricky list, my top ten favorite superheroes. I love a lot of superheroes but they maybe don’t fall into your average definition. None the less, superheroes exist far beyond the U.S. and I love the ones that do, and I’m not just talking about Captain Britain. (Although, have you seen a picture of Captain Britain? It’s pretty hilarious.) I’ll start with the world’s most famous superheroes, because so many of us have watched them on the big screen at least once.
10. Nightcrawler
Nightcrawler, my precious blue devil baby! I love Nightcrawler so much, in every incarnation he’s a sweet tempered fellow, shunned for the way he looks. My first run in with the character was in X-Men Evolution, not a great show, but still a part of my childhood all the same. As a result, you’ll see some other X-Men flash up on this list before we’re done.

9. Wild Tiger
Probably not a name you’re familiar with, Wild Tiger is from a TV show called Tiger and Bunny, about a superhero duo. Wild Tiger as a character is hard working, kind, thoughtful, and a single dad. You can’t help but watch the show and admire him for everything he does. He’s a perfect protagonist because you’re always rooting for him. Fun fact, Tiger & Bunny was one of the inspirations for Hero High.

8. Cyclops
Oh Cyclops, you suck! You’re the worst x-man. No, really, he is. I love and hate Cyclops, he is just so funny in how annoying he is, I can’t help but love him just a little bit. I used to watch him, like Nightcrawler, on X-Men Evolution. The point is, Cyclops has always seemed like the kind of guy I would love to pick on on a regular basis, he’s so easy to piss off. I will always love him, like an annoying old friend.

7. Super Sentai/Power Rangers
Everyone I know has heard of power rangers, whether you watched Mighty Morphing, Ninja Storm, or the original Sentai, you know what I’m talking about and for those who don’t, Super Sentai is the original Japanese version of Power Rangers. If you’re ever thinking of diving into Super Sentai, I highly recommend Kyoruger. Anyway, my point is, Power Rangers are superheroes, they’re just not comic book style heroes, they’re goofy, silly, fun loving, and most important to me, they don’t take themselves too seriously. In my opinion, that’s what makes a good superhero story.

6. Miraculous Ladybug
This is a relativity new show, about a ladybug themed superhero in Paris, and her partner Cat Noir. It’s not as good as it could be, but it’s adorable, fun, a little silly, and I of course love that it’s a superhero show for girls. People seem to love it. I’d also like to point out the main character is bi-racial, and I think that’s great.

5. X-23
I have a lot to say about X-23, or Laura Kinney. She was first invented for the TV show X-Men Evolution, where she stomped around with huge leather boots and an oversized leather jacket growling at people and wrecking things up. To child me she was a bit of role model. I just loved how angry she was. Then the comic books picked her up, ruined her as a character, and made it weird. Don’t ask, I will rant about it for hours.

4. Amu Hinamori
Okay, I might be bending the definition of Superhero at this point. Amu Hinamori is a girl from a manga I read when I was about twelve. It had a huge impact on me as person. The manga was called Shugo Chara and it was fairly popular in the magical girl genre. If you don’t know what magical girl is, I recommend you check it out, it’s about as girly as superheroes can get, but be careful, the genre in recent years has been co-opted by men trying to make it weird.

3. Thunderbirds
The 60’s British TV show, featuring  five American brothers who use their amazing craft to save people around the world. Thunderbirds heavily inspired mecha anime, which in turn inspired the American movie Pacific Rim. Thunderbirds was remade in 2015 into a pretty great CGI series. The five brothers don’t have superpowers, but neither does Ironman, or Batman for that matter. They’ll always be superheroes to me

2. Supergirl/Superman
I never paid much attention to Supergirl until the CW TV series which went out of its way to reappropriate typically ridiculed feminine memes utilizing love triangles, bright colors, and a bubbly protagonist. Supergirl sums up its moral argument for the entire show in one line, “if you perceive "Supergirl" as anything less than excellent, isn't the real problem you?”
Supergirl has always been about pointing out it’s not a bad thing to be a girl and I will always love it for that. I also love Superman because my image of him was always as the nicest guy; he’s huge, he can kill you, but he never would. That and Sups is coded as an immigrant pretty explicitly, which matters a fair amount to me since I immigrated to the US from the UK when I was a kid.
1. Kamen Rider Fourze
Possibly my favorite superhero of all time is Kamen Rider Fourze. Kamen Rider is a long running Japanese TV show, where the Kamen Rider changes every season. My personal favorite season is Fourze, where The Kamen Rider is Gentaro Kisaragi, a troubled high school student who makes it his personal goal to befriend everyone he meets. He’s an incredibly sweet, hardworking character, and a great example of a morally sound superhero. I adore him.

Hi! I’m Mina Chara, I’m a student, an artist, a daughter, sister and companion to my two furry friends, Gimli and Gwynne. This blog is here because I’ve just written a book called Hero High: Figure In The Flames.

This is My Story:
Being dyslexic isn’t so much of a problem, the hard part is not letting it dictate what I like, and what I can do. For years I was scared of reading, but then I discovered YA fiction, real books with main characters I could relate to because most of them were girls.

When someone criticizes my writing, I feel like crying, because I feel like that I’m back in English class getting yelled at again, just wanting to go home, but I’m not a kid anymore, I’m an adult, and as an adult, I wrote a book, and you can too.

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