Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I'm sorry!

Hello my AWESOME readers!
Can you tell I am trying to butter you up? (:

Okay, so I know some of you may be asking yourself where the heck have she been? No? Well the answer is I've been here but not feeling up to par the last few weeks. Simply, I've been sick, so very sick. I won't go into the details but yeah I haven't been wanting to blog or read for that matter because of it. I think I have only read 2 books in a 2 weeks, which is SO NOT normal for me. I'm normally knocking off 3-5 books per week. As I'm still kind of recovering from being sick, I'm trying to get back into blogging again, reading, and emails (which I have MANY of). Everyday I felt such guilt from not being able to do anything on my blog and not being able to review the books that should have been reviewed by now. So yeah, sorry about that.

Johnny understand. :(

I know us bloggers sometimes go through times of sickness, lack of excitement about blogging, and even being busy with school but I still feel bad for leaving BE for so long without posting. I'm planning on slowing getting back into things here and having a giveaway that I'll be hosting to make up for not being here. 

Thank you everyone (my readers, and authors/publishers) for being so patient with me. Everything will return to normal asap. :) 

And because THIS man is so incredibly sexy (fans myself) I thought I'd thrown in some more Johnny Depp gifs. I mean, do I really have to have a reason?! 

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  1. don't worry we understand, just take the time you need to recover


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