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Book Spotlight & Giveaway: TOUCH by Natalia Jaster || Win a SIGNED print copy + a snowflake ornament!

Hello everyone! ^__^
Welcome to the book spotlight for debut author Natalia Jaster's NEW book, TOUCH. 
Today you will be able to learn all about this amazing new novel and the author. Also Natalia has offered to host a giveaway on my blog. She is giving away a SIGNED paperback copy of TOUCH and a Love's little snowflake ornament. :)

Title: Touch
Author: Natalia Jaster
Page Count: 284 pages
Published: October 27th 2014 by author
Genre: Mature Young Adult Mythology Romance

*Mature YA: sexual content and language. Intended for readers 17 and older.

The myth of Eros isn’t the truth. Her story is the truth . . .

Love is an immortal bad girl. With a strike of her arrow and a smirk on her face, she pins human hearts together against their will. It’s for their own good, of course—silly, clueless creatures that they are.

But Love has never loved. Not until the Fates parcel her off to a small, frostbitten town littered with needy souls. Not until she crosses paths with Andrew, a crippled boy whose gaze locks onto hers. Yet how can this be? Mortals don't have the power to see deities.

The longer they’re friends, the more Love wishes she could touch Andrew. In gentle ways. In other tempting and reckless ways as well.

It’s impossible. She isn’t a true part of his world. She’s an outsider whose fingers will only ever sweep through him. A mischievous, invisible goddess who’s destined to be alone. And he’s destined for someone else. By order of the Fates, it’s Love’s duty to betray his trust. To seal his heart while ignoring the gash in her own.

Or she could become human. For there is one very tricky, very dangerous way to do so.

If only Andrew felt the same about her, it might be worth the risk.
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“Who are you?” he whispers.

The glossy darkness surrounds them, snow collects on their shoulders, and the far-from-innocent question hangs by a thread in the air.

Don’t tell him, she warns herself. Then she does the opposite.

She gives a mocking bow and flashes a devious grin. “My name is Love.”

About The Author: Natalia Jaster
Find Natalia @
My kindergarten teacher told my mom than I stared out the window too much, daydreaming instead of paying attention in class. It’s true. Eventually I learned to focus more in school (and to love it), but the daydreaming never stopped. So after earning my master’s in creative writing and spending a bunch of fun years as a magazine editor, I’m now a writer of YA romance.

I’m also a total fool for first-kiss scenes, fanfiction, libraries, and starry nights.

Touch is my first book.

A HUGE thank you to Natalia for offering such wonderful prizes!

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  1. Hi Natalia, Touch sounds like a wonderful story, i would love to read it. Thank you

  2. It sounds like an awesome read. I love the cover. Thanks for having the giveaway.

  3. I love the cover of this one and I go crazy over anything Mythology!!! Thank you so much for the chance to win <3 Fingers crossed and good luck to everyone :)

  4. This book sounds so very good, and the cover is beautiful! I love the blue on blue on blue! Thank you so much for the giveaway, Beckie! And thanks to the author, too!


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