Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sorry, it's over *insert book here*. We need to break up!

Have you ever broken with a book?! 
I find myself time and time again starting a new book and for some reason or another I can't seem to finish it or somethings even really began it. There are many reasons for these breakups. Here are a few of mine:

BORING! I mean like a total snooze fest going on. When it takes me 5 days to read 100 pages in a book most likely it's just not going to happen. *sigh* The sad thing is when the book is loved by so many other readers. I often ask myself, "Am I crazy?"  No, of course not. I think a lot of times we as individuals often perceive books differently. Where I may love let's say Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick and others disliked it. Just because you love "so and so" doesn't mean I will too. Has anyone else felt this way to? Forcing yourself to read a book because others enjoyed it is not being fair to yourself.

I hate/dislike the characters. Turn offs include: snobbyness, dull (boring), or whiny. A lot of the times I find myself feeling no connection whatsoever with the character(s) in the book. This really turns me off from reading it. 

Genre mood! I pick up a paranormal romance, read it for a bit but then change my mind. Something you really need to be in the mood to read a certain genre. Also I tend to get burnt out on YA so I will change things up and read a adult novel or even some erotica. ;)

There are many other reasons but you get the gist of what I'm saying. 

I'm so sorry!

With any type of break up GUILT loves to rear it's ugly head. I feel bad for stopping after only 20 pages, or I'm 250 pages in but "Aaahh" I can't do it anymore not sure why I lasted this time or even "everyone else loved it, shouldn't I?" 

 What's wrong with me? NOTHING! It's totally normal to break up with a book. I do it all the time, more often now than I ever have before. There are sooooooo many books out there! More than I would be able to read in my lifetime and more coming out everyday. So what's the point of staying with your current book because you feel you have to?! 

I wanted to write this post today because I have been thinking a lot about the subject of breaking up with books. I actually broke up with "The Winner's Curse" today. I was 130 pages in and bored to tears, and while I know many readers loved it, right now it's just not for me. I WILL be coming back to it again someday, hopefully sooner than later. ;) 
Life's just to short to stay with a book that you hate or simply can't get into at the time. Don't you think?

I would love to hear everyone thoughts on this subject. Is breaking up hard to do? What book(s) have YOU broke up with in the past and why? 

Sometimes it really is just ME, and not you *insert book here*


  1. Ha, I abandoned Hush, Hush after 50 pages, lol. Totally get where you're coming from-I try to get through books, even if I don't like them, but there's a few that I just couldn't. Skippy Dies is one that comes to mind. It just wasn't happening for me!

  2. I actually haven't abandoned any books. I do get bored sometimes, but I'll just take a few hours or days of not reading that particular book and then get back to it. It is like torturing myself if the book stays boring, but I try to give it a chance. Thankfully no book has made me completely stop reading it. At least not yet :)

  3. Sometimes it really is just ME, and not you "Game of Thrones". I think it was my fault that I got bored. I told myself to watch JUST one episode and before i know it i already finished the entire season 1. Then i realized the book wasn't for me.


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