Friday, September 6, 2013

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This weeks Activity:
Bookshelf Tour! Take us on a tour of your shelves.

Bookshelf 1

 Bookshelf 2

Bookshelf 3-4

Bookshelf 5

Well there you have it. :) All of my books. I hope everyoneenjoyed seeing my book shelves  What do YOURS look like? Leave me a link to your FF post below in the comments. I will come check them out and follow you back. 

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Friday Reads is a huge event that goes on every Friday where we all discuss what we are reading.  From my understanding this idea originated on Twitter from @FridayReads. You use the hashtag #FridayReads to share your current read and talk with other readers/bloggers about theirs. 

Here is what I am reading today:

Sweet Legacy (Medusa Girls #3) by Tera Lynn Childs
Hardcover, 384 pages
Published September 3rd 2013 by Katherine Tegen Books

The stunning conclusion of Tera Lynn Childs's Greek mythology–based Sweet Venom trilogy is perfect for teen fans of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series.

The girls cannot hesitate as they seek the location of the lost door between the realms, even as monsters and the gods of Olympus descend on San Francisco in battle-ready droves.

Greer must use her second sight to step up and prevent anything from stopping her sisters' mission, even though a god is playing with her mind. Grace wants to trust her adopted brother, Thane; but will his secret put the girls in even more danger? And Gretchen has trained her sisters to stop the monsters, but her role as a huntress comes with more responsibility than she ever imagined.What will the girls' immortal legacy be? Three teenage descendants of Medusa must unite to restore balance to the world in this action-packed series with plenty of romance.

Reason for reading:
Simple! This series ROCKS! I have been waiting so long for the next book to come out and now that it has, I am reading it. :) I am a part of Tera Lynn Childs Venom Squad (for the 2nd time) to help promote the book, so of course I want to read it as soon as it comes out.
So far, I am loving it! 

What book are YOU reading this Friday?


  1. I absolutely love all those books <3
    New Follower!
    My FF

  2. Awesome collection. I love dark shelves and plan on getting them soon :)

    Happy Friday!

  3. goodness! how do you have room for all those shelves?! Very pretty and very organized!

  4. Wow, great collections. So many hardcovers :D New GFC follower. My FF

  5. Love your shelves! I wish I had as many physical copies! Most of my books now are Kindle/Nook copies!

    Here's My FF

  6. Merlin's beard! Can you please give me some of those space and shelves? I definitely need them. Whew!

    NEw follower on bloglovin!

    Here's my Thoughts and Pens FF.


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