Monday, June 17, 2013

Saying Goodbye to RSS Google Reader - Hello Bloglovin' ! How to make the switch.

Another one bites the dust... 
Again and again Google/Blogger has been getting rid of "useful items" we all use and love. has annouced yet another tool they are now getting rid of. 

RSS Google reader. 

I loved using this tool to read and visit my favorite blogs. I will be sad to see it go. But wait....before you get all upset. There is a easy solution to this problem...without losing ANY of your current readers.


By now many of you may have made the switch already and if you have, great! I know I sure have. :)

Bloglovin is a wonderful site and tool to have that pretty much does all the same things are RSS Google Reader but BETTER.

Here's why...

  • Easy to read sidebar displaying each and every blog you follow. They allow you to check up on all unread posts as well as new blog posts. *with no delay*
  • Bloglovin' is clean and easy to read. VERY easy to use. 
  • Allows you to access and follow as many blog as you like. NO LIMITS! 
  • It gives bloggers page views. How awesome is that?
  • I can comment directly on posts via bloglovin' and HEART my favorite posts.
  • An APP available via Apple ( Sweeeet!! ) I already download my on my iPod.

YOU CAN Import Your RSS subscriptions from Google Reader to Bloglovin’ with no fuss and simple to do - here's how:

2. Scroll all the way down on the page until you see:

3. Click on the "Import blogs" button. Then click the blue button "Google Reader". Processed here:

4. Wait patiently for all blogs to import...and...TADA! DONE.

Now your all set. :) I hope this post helps you transition from Google to Bloglovin'. If you have any question or comments please feel free to post below.

Follow on Bloglovin
I HEART my readers! 


  1. This makes me sad. I am currently using my Reeder to type this message. I have a Bloglovin' account, and I transferred my followed blogs to Bloglovin'... but they really aren't warming my heart for the transfer. Several of my posts never posted on Bloglovin, and if thats happening to me, I am positive there are posts from blogs I follow that I miss.

  2. I'm so happy with Bloglovin' :) I think it's even better than Google reader! And I'm following you there.



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