Sunday, December 23, 2012

2012 My Bookshelves Tour [ PICS ]

Hello awesome readers! 

With 2012 soon coming to the end and 2013 right around the corner I thought I would give you all a look at my bookshelves. ( before more books are added ) I have 4 bookshelves and honestly not sure of how many books I have in total. I will have to count them all up before New Years. Now while I know many of you take video of all your lovely books I unfortunately don't have a nice enough video camera. So images will just have to work for now. 

Hope you enjoy! Oh and BTW I will not be sharing what each book is on the shelves. That would take a while so without future ado...


Number one - Top to bottom

Number two - Top to bottom

Number three - Top to bottom

Number four - Top to bottom


  1. Sweet bookshelves..and so many lovelies..heaven!

  2. We have a ton of books in common and I also see a few that I am drooling over. I see you are forced to do the double stack on some of your shelves too.

  3. I can't wait to own my own library one day! For now I'll be happy with lots of bookshelves. I love yours. So many great books. ;)


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