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Book Review: Why Must I Lie by M. M. Lake

Title: What Must I Lie
Author: M.M. Lake
Number of Pages: 426
Published: March 28th 2012 by Michele Losa
Source: Author (paperback)
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Reading Level: Young Adult
Flying smack into a new existence, literally, sophomore high school student, Mia Frare, finds herself able to alter her body at will to that of a 3½-foot-tall bird. WHY I MUST LIE is a two week chronicle of Mia’s transformation and induction into a hidden spiritual world. While adapting to her new abilities, such as amplified hearing, acute eyesight, and what Mia refers to as, “freakishly strong feet”, she finds herself drawn to three other students in her overcrowded high school. Possessing supernatural talents of their own, Gabe and his two sisters befriend Mia and invite her along on their rescue missions. Although Mia’s growing closeness to Gabe poses difficulties he can’t ignore, it’s evident that the four are meant to join forces in averting tragedy and seeking the truth regarding Mia’s emergence.

Sixteen year old Mia has a pretty nice life. She has wonderful parents, a supporting  big brother and a new baby brother and sister who are twins. Mia has a BFF Amy and does well in school. But not all things are as perfect as they seem. Mia has a secret. One she doesn't want anyone to know. It all happened one night when she went to sleep and when she woke up she was not in her bed anymore but naked in the middle of the forest. The question is how she got there. Was it a dream or a nightmare? When Mia decides to go back into the forest to see if she can figure out what happen she finds her answer and fast. Her whole body begins to transform and lifts of the ground. The next thing she knows is she is flying. How is this possible?  Was she dead? Mia wants to find answers as to why this bizarre change is happening to her but what she comes to find will blow her away. The path she takes to understand more about what's happening to her lead right to a boy named Gabe. Not only does he know who or what Mia is Gabe and his family are much alike...

Want to know what happens next? Well you will have read the book for yourself.

The Good:  
The story itself was very fascinating. I truly did enjoy it. I love the idea that Mia could transform into this creature and fly whenever she wanted to. The meaning behind why Mia can transform, who or what she is and descends from really gives the story so much life. I wanted to know more about who Mia really is and what she was capable of. Although she was going through so much so fast Mia always remained strong willed; a very likable protagonist.  I think of the best thing I liked about the story besides the plot itself was Mia's home life. A lot of times in books you find the main character has only one parent or no siblings. Mia had both Mom and Dad as well as brothers and a sister. She was always so helpful with the chores and taking care of the twins even after her life changed so drastically. A very refreshing and rare thing to see in YA books. 

 All of the characters were likable and they all had their part to play throughout the book. Mia and Gabe's relationship grew from friends to each of them wanting more. I loved seeing both of them grow and change with each passing chapter. M.M Lake did a beautiful job with her first novel and really wrote a story I feel many urban fantasy readers will enjoy.

The Bad: (or not so good)
There are a couple reasons why I did not give Why Must I Lie a higher rating.
HUGE AND LONG book! Yep, its a chunker. With over 400 pages it took me sometime to read it. Now don't get to wrong the story was great but I felt that a few parts just tended to drag on a bit. The dialogue "reading flow" was a little slow and wordy.  Another thing is the chapters are long, but with many breaks "~" <-- (like this) in between paragraphs. For me I would have liked to have more chapters and less of those breaks in the paragraphs. 

All in all Why Must I Lie was quite good. As a self-published author M.M. Lake did a beautiful job on her first novel. She wrote a very unique and engaging novel I feel fits well into the Urban fantasy genre. Even with the few things I found problems with I would definitely read the next addition to the story.

 3.5 Cupcakes 
I liked it a lot. Would recommend.


  1. As you probably know, I'm always looking for a good read. :-)

  2. Wow, this sounds kind of intriguing in a "WHAAAT?!" kind of way. But your review makes me want to know more, and I think I'm going to go and check it out right now... Great review!

    -Megan @ Book Brats

  3. Wow, what an interesting concept. *_*
    And I love how the MC has both her parents and even siblings instead of them just being killed off. I do hate it when books drag, so I'm not too sure if I want to read it or not... but I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)


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