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Book Review: Eden's Root by Rachel Fisher

Title: Eden's Root
Author: Rachel E. Fisher
Number of Pages: 272
Published: December 17th 2011 by Author
Source: Given to read from Author (paperback)
Genre: Science Fiction > Dystopia
Reading Level: YA - Adult
Star Rating: ★★★1/2
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The year is 2033 and the world hovers on the edge of explosion as unexplained crop deaths lead to severe global food shortages. In the United States, the Sickness is taking lives slowly, creeping its way into every family. Fi Kelly has already faced the Sickness in her own family, toughening her beyond her years. But a shocking confession from her dying father will push her toughness to its absolute limits. Saddled with an impossible secret and the mission of saving her little sister, Fi sets out to transform herself into the warrior that she must become to survive the coming collapse. Along the way, she will discover that evil can be accidental and that love can be intentional.

 First Impressions: I was contacted by Rachel Fisher the author of Eden's Root a couple months ago and asked to read her novel. I feel in love with the book cover and the whole idea of the story being set in the future. While I have read many Dystopian novels within the past two years, Eden's Root sounds like nothing I had ever read before so I decided to give it a go. I will be honest and say I was kind of put off by how long the book was, but knew it would be worth it.

 My Review: Eden's Root is set in the year 2033, the world as we know today is very much like the one described in the book but with one huge difference. The world itself is slowly dying. Fi Kelly's father is dying of cancer and on the last days of his life her father decides to tell Fi something that will change her life as well as everyone lives in the world. The food eaten and the drinks that were drank is killing everyone slowly. Known as "Sickfood". Scientist do not know what is causing this and why crops are dying out around the world. Now everyone must continue to eat this "sickfood" to survive hunger even knowing the food is what is causing the world to slowing crumble around them. Fi was been told by her father days before he passes away that she and her family must find a safe haven away from this apocalyptic world. She will need to find a way to be strong and lead her family to safety. All the while knowing the road ahead will be filled with hardships, horror, and  even sadness. Fi and her family are now on a quest to find the one place that could save them all, Eden! 
First let me say that I loved the whole idea behind this novel. The apocalyptic whole and it's surrounding were told in a way that I felt I was right there with Fi and her family. I could almost feel her pain and see in my minds eye what she was going through through-out the story. The story idea of the food we eat everyday being the one thing that will end the world and the people in it is scary to think about but a very unique concept. I adored Fi Kelly as the main character. Her inner strength and willingness to survive was astonishing and gave the book a "never give up" feel to it.  On another aspect I did feel the story was dragged out a bit and long. While this is not always a bad thing because it gives the reader a full understanding of the book and all of the events that took place within. For me personally I would have liked it more if it was a shorter book to read. I found myself taking breaks and coming back, not because the story itself was lacking but the length was a bit intimidating to me. 
All in all Eden's Root was worth the read. I feel in love with the character's in the story and the things that they were made to endure were so motivating. I loved reading about the journey in itself that took to reach safety. 

Final Thoughts: I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves Dystopian stories. While for me I felt it was a bit slow at parts and a long book to read the story within was amazing and  very unique. Rachel Fisher has written a great debut novel and I look forward to seeing what else she may has in store for the future. ( Hopeful not a future like the one in Eden's Root! ^__^ )


  1. Wow Beckie what an awesome review. I love dystopians and this sounds like a fresh take on it...length doesn't bother long as it isn't just filler. i will add this to my list.

  2. I haven't seen much talk about this book, but it's one I've been interested in. :) I'm so glad to hear it's good!!

  3. I love your Book review, this book sounds amazing. i am absolutely in love with this cover


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