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Blog Tour: Friendly Fire by Lynn Seresin [Character Guest Post + 2 GIVEAWAYS]

Hello everyone! I would like to welcome all of my readers to a amazing blog tour for the book Friendly Fire by Lynn Seresin. This is the second book is the "Thin Air" series. I absolutely love the first book! [my review]  So I am ever so excited to be sharing with you all info about book two. I have asked Lynn to write a character guest post from Alice's POV to share with my readers. There will also be a great e-book giveaway for a copy of Friendly Fire at the end of this post - PLUS Lynn has also offered to giveaway a GRAND PRIZE (A Necklace) to anyone who comments on THIS post. More detail will be found below. Enjoy Reading!! 

Friendly Fire (Thin Air Saga #2)

Though their love remains strong, the pressure of constant danger has taken its toll on Alice and Daniel’s relationship. Paralda’s assassins continue their murder spree in New York City, targeting girls who resemble Alice in an effort to fulfill the air king’s deadly directive. As if life wasn’t complicated enough, the couple must also fiercely guard the secret of Alice’s emergent powers and true identity from everyone--including their closest friends--to protect her safety. 
Enter Ash and Terrance: two former elementals, each with their own set of reasons for transmuting to the human plane. For Ash, the material realm represents freedom and the possibility of fulfilling a forbidden wish. Terrance has only one aim in the mortal world: to win Alice’s heart. And it seems he’ll stop at nothing to achieve his goal.

 Written by the main character Alice Ayre (Author Lynn Seresin)

I’m sure you must wonder how any girl could do such a thing—leave everything
behind to try and win the love of a boy she doesn’t even know. Looking back on my decision, I also wonder how I found the courage to take such a leap of faith. Was I so mad with passion that I lost all reason? Perhaps I was desperately unhappy as a sylphid, and wished to escape the monotony of my existence as a cloud-weaver. Let me try to explain, if only so I can better understand my own motives.

I was happy enough as an air spirit, or so I thought. I had friends and enjoyed the freedom of flight—something few creatures can ever experience. But always, something was missing. There was a restlessness inside of me that I didn’t perceive in my brothers and sisters of the air. A desire for something more. Our bodies, being composed of ether, are as insubstantial as the wind. Physical sensation is not something we can experience directly. Rather, the sense of touch is, for lack of a better word, muted. Imagine going about swathed in a cocoon of cotton and you can gain some sense of what it felt like to exist on the ethereal plane. I’d observed humans from afar and watched them interact with each other and their surroundings. I’d witnessed pain and pleasure, alike, and a hunger grew day by day inside of me. I yearned to discover what it felt like to tread barefoot on dew-covered grass, or splash about in the lake by my mountain. And the realization that I’d never experience these things somehow made the hunger grow even stronger. I think this yearning for a greater variety of sensation even affected my ability to choose a mate. After all, settling down with a sylph and having young ones would essentially seal my fate, closing the door on any possibility of knowing more of the physical world. And so I avoided the sylphs that pursued me, however handsome or charming they might have been. I kept to myself—some thought me proud or aloof—but I was neither. I only wished to feel more. To be more than I was.

And then, of course, there was Daniel. Trust me, you would have lost your heart, too, if you had beheld him as I did, camping by my mountain. The sunlight in his hair, his moss-green eyes, the radiance of his smile, and the grace of his body…just thinking about him in those early days makes my heart beat faster! No mortal could compare to him in face or form, nor could anyone be more attentive and caring than Daniel was to Delilah, his girlfriend at the time. I knew I loved him—and wanted to be loved by him—and no obstacle would stand in my way of fulfilling my dream. I would find a way to touch him, and feel his touch. To see him, and have him see me. No matter what it took.

 What would you do in my place? Would you risk everything for the chance to love a boy you’d only admired from afar? I wonder…

 Lynn Seresin worked as a children’s book editor and freelance writer of middle-grade fiction before writing THIN AIR. She lives with her husband, daughter, and son in New England. A black Lab named Dudley, a teacup Chihuahua named Layla, and a black cat named Shadow share their household.
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Thank you so much everyone for taking the time to stop by and read this post. Also a BIG thank you to Lynn for writting up such a beautiful guest post to share with my readers. 

Now for the FUN part - GIVEAWAYS!!
There will be two giveaway going on here. One is a e-book copy of Friendly Fire and Two is a grand prize giveaway which can only be won by leaving a comment on THIS post (You need to mention that your comment is an entry for the grand prize giveaway) The Winner of the GRAND PRIZE will win a free necklace - See below. The winner will be selected via and announced on Necklace giveaway is open to US/Canada ONLY.  There is only 1 necklace for being given away via this tour.

Use the Rafflecoper form below to enter in GIVEAWAY 1 - A e-book copy of Friendly Fire in any format. (open to everyone!) Good Luck!!

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  1. Thank you for the grand prize giveaway. The necklace looks lovely. I am happy to have discovered a new book series to follow. I love a series!

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