Monday, February 20, 2012

★GIVEAWAY★ YA Novel | The Word Gang by Mark McKenna

Who's in the mood for a fun giveaway? Well if you said yes then I have a great one I think you all will love. Author Mark McKenna has so graciously offered to give my readers a **SIGNED** paperback copy of his new book "The Word Gang", along with a personal letter from Mark congratulating the winnerCool, right? Mark has given me a copy as well for review and I hope to be reading it very soon. It sounds like such a awesome read. The concept for the book is very unique and original. So without further ado I will leave you all some info about his book and where to find it. Good luck to everyone with the giveaway! Thank you Mark! :)

Kalisha Jackson is a girl with a stomach-churning secret – she cut school for a year and never got caught!
A new school year begins. Kalisha decides to return to school. While waiting for the bus she sees an old man struggling with a heavy grocery cart. She stops to help and meets Albrecht Spinoza, a man who can speak seventeen languages, but who’s had no one to talk to since the death of his beloved wife, Rosa.
Kalisha is late the first day setting off a conflict with her teacher, Jack Ralston. She’s been stuck in something called “Project Restart,” a strange new program in which the penalty for not doing well is a classroom in Juvenile Hall.
Mr. Spinoza gives Kalisha a copy of the Compact Oxford dictionary. But the more “big” words Kalisha learns, the less everyone understands her, and the madder Jack Ralston seems to get. Which to Kalisha and her new friends sounds like fun — and a great way to destroy Project Restart!
That is, if they don’t get trammeled, proscribed or incarcerated first.

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