Monday, January 2, 2012

Small Update

Hello my lovely followers! I have just a few updates being the first of the year. The last couple weeks I have been thinking a lot about things pertaining to my blog and I thought everyone should know. One, I am going to try hard to be a lot more active with doing blog posting. More memes, book reviews, giveaway, and such. I want to know that my followers are enjoying my blog and like to read the content in it. Any suggestions are more than welcome. Two, I will be opening up my book reviews request for authors/publishers with the next few days. I just need some time to redo some of my review policy and makes some updates on that. I will say I am not going to be so lenient this year with authors who do not read my review policy before asking me for there book to be reviewed. This will be a MUST! 

I was also thinking about asking 1-2 of my readers to help with reviews on my blog here as a official guest reviewer. Which mean you would be able to take request from authors/publishers as I do. It would take a bit of the work load of me. I am not sure about this. If you guys could leave you comments below. This would be most helpful. 

Other than that I had a really nice holiday and look forward to getting back into blogging. :)

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