Friday, October 14, 2011

Follow Friday: #9

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Featured Blogger is Shannon @Confuzzled Books

This weeks question is: 

Q: If you could characters from a book meet and form an epic storyline with characters from a TV series, which characters would you choose and why?

My Answer:  Well I have a few. One, I would take the book characters from Hex Hall and the TV characters from Charmed. Both are witches.  Two, I would take the book characters from Hereafter and the TV show characters from Ghost Whisper. The girl in the book is a ghost and you can figure the rest. ;) Three, I would take the book characters from Twilight and the TV show characters from True Blood. I know True Blood is also a book series but I think it would be funny to see them all mixed together. 

Happy Follow Friday. :) 


  1. Ooohh...Charmed and Ghost Whisperer! You are reminding me of all my guilty pleasures!!

    My Friday Hops

    ♥ Melissa @ Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf

  2. Twilight and Trueblood would be awesome :) LOVE IT! I think Eric would eat Edward and it would be awesome!

    My Follow Friday

  3. Hi there,

    Lovely blog, new follower:D

    I like all your choices. I have Hex Hall not read book yet, but know Charmed:D



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