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--> Book Review: Demon Girl by Lisa M. Cronkhite <--

Title: Demon Girl
Author: Lisa M. Cronkhite
Number of Pages: 81
Published: Published (first published July 5th 2011) by Eternal Press

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I was contacted by Lisa M. Cronkhite the author of Demon Girl around the end of June and she asked me to read and review her book Demon Girl. Demon girl is a paranormal romance Novella for adults. After reading the short summary of Demon Girl I was sent by Lisa's new book, Demon Girl.  So here is my review of her book, Demon Girl. Thank you Lisa for the book and a chance to review it for you.

Goodreads Info: 

Charlene Peters is in love with Jesse Carson, a man she met online. Through the internet their relationship grows as they agree to meet in person. Jesse is falling hard, yet he has no idea she is hiding a dark secret about her life— the previous life she lived before.

Charlene now must save the condemned souls from attempting the same thing she did one year ago or she will never see her family from her past life again. There is only one thing that will break the curse put upon her—to find her soul-mate. Can Charlene get a second chance at living a human life?

My Thoughts: (I gave the book 3.5 Stars)

I really did enjoy the whole plot of Demon Girl. I love getting to read the book written from Charlene's POV.  The story starts out where you meet Charlene and she meets a guy names Jesse while online after posting her poems in a online forum. Jesse and Charlene are falling in love but Charlene is hiding a dark secret that only she and God himself knows. She is a demon, well only part time... bond to live half her life as one cause forever because of a very wrong choice she made a year ago. She has lost her self, and everyone she loves... now Charlene must help others selflessly make the better choice to help redeem herself. Between finding a way to tell Jessie who she really is, someone comes back into her life who she thought she would never see again, but why? Later Charlene meet someone who is like her "a demon" but how does he fit into all of this? Feeling more lost than ever about her life and what is going on...will Charlene ever tell Jesse who she really is and when she does will he still love her? She also does not know what her own heart feels anymore. 
I found the story line of the book very interesting and the character's well written.  I would have liked to known more back information on Charlene and her family but other than that it was very good. Demon Girl was a fast read with only 81 pages, but as novella goes that is normal. The story had a nice ending but was kind of fast paced in the end and made me like of want more, like there should have been more to it, or another book?  Other than that I really enjoyed the book and I think it is a great short read for anyone who likes paranormal romance novels. Lisa did a great job with this book and I think we will be seeing more books from her in the future.

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