Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another Twilight Fan?!

Yes, I am! *raises hand* Got a problem with that, leave now. I wanted to start this blog because yes I love the Twi books and movies but many other Vampire books as well. I will talk more about those later. I have been a mega huge Twilight fan for 3 years now and sometimes need to write my most inner thoughts on what I feel about the books and what I feel about Twi-Hates who sit there and judge Twilight based on what they hear and not what they read. I think if at least 50% of the Twi-Hates out there would take them time and read the books they would have a different view on them besides, yeah I hate Twilight, just another stupid vamp book... Ugh! Makes me mad... like why do people always have to judge a book by it's cover per say.

Outie for now.

Hugs and Vampire Bites,

Chi Kittie

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