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Welcome to the Advertisement page! If you're here then I can assume you're looking to buy ad space on my blog. We offer a wide range of options, package deals, and monthly sales. You don't have to be a author or publisher to buy an ad. All are welcome. Before you apply please know I do not allow porn or defencive ads. Your ad must be approved by me. I claim the right to decline your ad for any reason. Please read carefully of your choices.

Want to see what my blog stats are BEFORE you buy?
Click here (or scroll down to the end of this page)

Below are the current ad options.

1. Basic LINK ad. 
2. Image + LINK.
  • A graphic linked to your site. 
  • Different sizes vary in price. Ask for all sizes available. (below example 250x250)
  • You may supply the image for free or one will be made for your at an additional fee.
  • All images are placed on sidebars or the bottom of the site. 
  • GIF's are allowed. 

3. Sponsored Promotional POST
  • This option is mainly for NON authors/publishers. I do not ask for money to host a guest post on my blog from them. 
  • A non-book promo post is where a company for example a bingo site wants to write an article about their site and have the site linked within the post. (SAMPLE)
  • Images are allowed, with no extra cost.

All questions, prices, and for further details on these options email me. 

If you have already chosen what type of AD SPACE you'd like to purchase send an email to:

If you're looking for something different and have an idea for another type of ad please send me details. 

For more info about Package deals email me.


In Sept, the 1st, 5th, and 10th person to buy an ad with me gets a 20% off discount. Be sure to ask if you're the one.


As of April 20th, 2016
 I average 15,000+ monthly pageviews. 
Between 500-600 unique pageviews a day. estimated

I’ve maintained a following of:

- 1731 GFC readers
- 1428 Bloglovin readers
- 754 Facebook page followers
- 439 Networkedblog readers
- 1345 Google+ followers
- 251 Linky Followers
- 2227 twitter followers
- 500 e-mail subscribes
- 2145+ RSS readers
- 2351 Goodreads friends
- 258 Instagram followers
- Feedly readers - 120
- 4904 comments since established date

As of April 20th, 2016 (7:26 PM EST)  Pageviews all time history 623,426

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