More Common In America: Single Or Married?

In life, you’ll come to a point of deciding whether you stay single or get married. In a family, once a daughter or a son is at the right age, one common question thrown at them would be: “When will you get married?” Is it pressuring? Can you just escape the room and avoid the question?

Decide Properly about Your Choices

It’s a choice. To be single or married will always be part of the equation but it’s always your choice. As long as you are happy, either being single or married will not be an issue. Well, you might wonder what it feels like to be married but it’s a commitment so don’t start unless you’re sure about it. Being tied up in marriage is another phase in life, make sure you’re aware of the pros and cons before jumping right into it.

Single Outnumbers Married

In America where the population is big, you might wonder about how many are choosing to be single or get married. To continue the tradition, marriage is important in a family especially if you’re a part of those believing in some traditions or from a wealthy family.

But does it matter in the era you’re in now? Studies and research done by professionals are different. Singles already outnumbered the married population. More than half of the US population are single, defeating the number of those getting married.

Factors of Choosing to be Single

As the number of singles keeps rising, defeating the population of married ones, it is brought by different factors.

  • Past hurtful relationships left painful experiences. This builds an individual’s defenses up and makes them choose to be single. People tend to close themselves and go on self-protective mode so being in a relationship is a no-go.
  • Fear of being intimate as a result of building defenses and being picky in choosing a partner. There are limits on how a person could tolerate certain closeness and there’s a lot of factors that people would want their partners to have. With this, they tend to delay being in a relationship since they can’t decide whom they’re going to spend their time with.
  • Your routine mainly affects it. Becoming an adult entails a lot of responsibilities. It could be supporting your family financially or just going with daily work to support yourself. Being busy thinking about how to survive being an adult will give you less time for a relationship. It might be a drag for you so being single might be the best course for you.

Being married or single will depend greatly on one’s decision so numbers don’t matter. It’s them who’ll enter a relationship or not so numbers might rise or decline.