Why American Guys Have Always Had A Thing For Blonde Girls

Every American man has his own preference over women. But why is there a popular notion that being into blondes has become the norm? This is a topic that has been debated over the centuries. Countless theories and even scientific studies have delved into this kind of attraction towards women who have blonde hair.

Is there any explanation for it? Or is it just something that naturally happens as most people tend to stick with what is in the norm? Is there a driving force that makes American men turn their heads around whenever they see a blonde woman? See more below.

Do Blonde Women Demand More Attention Than Others?

More often than not, you can see blondes in American movies, TV series, documentaries, news channels, and so on. Why are they predominantly shown on the media? Is it because the networks know that using blonde women can generate more attention from the average American male viewer?

Some experts say that the attraction goes deep well within one’s subconsciousness. There’s no exact reason behind it, but it’s something that your subconscious urges you to feel. Blonde women have the advantage of being a standout in the crowd. You can spot them from afar as their hair always gives them away quickly.

In some studies, men preferred blonde women because they can show aging more. Some men like to decipher ages and blonde women often swear their age with their skin and appearance easily compared to others. Men tend to pick younger women and a blonde woman can give them less trouble when it comes to the guessing age game because they can already tell from outside.

Is This Notion True for Every American Man?

Choosing a mate based on their hair color can be applied to many, but at the end of the day, a lot of factors still decide the final outcome. Women themselves have a lot of preferences for men, but they can reconsider some once they found a man that they like. This also goes the same for men.

Everyone has their own preferences, but nobody is bound to stick to them. If you find a wonderful blonde girl to have a relationship with, then that is something to be happy about. It is the same with an American man finding love with a brunette, a red-haired girl, and so on. The possibilities are endless and the takeaway is always to choose someone that you are attracted to regardless of what they look like.