Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy 2017!

Happy New Year everyone! 

2016 is finally over! *phew* 2017 is here and with it comes changes, both personal and on my blog. So my main goal for this year is to be a better blogger. I want to post more content, more reviews, more giveaways and work on a more personally level with authors/publishers. Pretty much be more coincidence.The last half of 2016 I admit I was being lazy with updating my blog. There was a lot of factors that added my laziness, the main one being involved in another interest, gaming! I am a huge gamer and just recently got a PS4 Christmas, so basically I've been on my new toy a lot.

So yeah, excuses, excuses! *eye roll*

Point is I am going to try hard to make Bittersweet Enchantment better in 2017! Also, I wanted to note that my co-blogger Kim has left her position on my blog so I know longer have help. I do have that job open now as well as reviewers. If you're interested please check out this LINK.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday and I wish you well in 2017! One of my resolution for the new year is to read more book! I only read 65 books in 2016. That is unheard of for me, normally I read 100+ books. I also want to finish more series. I have a tendency to start a series and never finish them.

What are some of your new year's resolutions? 
What books are you most looking forward to in 2017?!?

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