Tuesday, September 27, 2016

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Cover Reveal: Skid by Tracey Martin

Sometimes when you lose control, you find yourself.

Title: Skid  
Author: Tracey Martin
Publisher: Leap Books
Genre: Young Adult, Haunting, Romance
Release Date: October 24, 2016

Tag Line: While mourning the death of her sister and learning to live with chronic pain, a teen girl investigates a ghost story in a Connecticut orchard and finds unexpected love.

Sometimes when you lose control, you find yourself.

It took ten seconds for Gabrielle to skid on a patch of black ice. Ten seconds to wreck her car and her back. Ten seconds to ruin her Olympic dreams.

Ten seconds to kill her younger sister.

Eight months later, Gabrielle’s haunted by guilt, dependent on drugs to numb her pain and alcohol to numb her brain. Then Erik Tennyson crashes into her. Soon Gabrielle’s immersed in the ghostly legend surrounding the Tennyson orchard, convinced that her sister is linked to its mysterious origins. If she can just discover the truth, maybe she can put her sister's spirit to rest. But as Gabrielle grows closer to Erik, her world skids out of control once more. Instead of appeasing the dead, she starts remembering how to live.

Tracey Martin wanted to be an astronaut, a doctor, and an actor, possibly all at once. Instead, she studied psychology, and that led her to have an epiphany–imaginary people are way more fun than real ones. And so she became a writer. Her books include Another Little Piece of my Heart, the Miss Misery series, and the RedZone dulogy.

She likes her coffee simple, her music epic, and her movies to contain explosions. A city girl at heart, she doesn’t understand how she and her husband ended up living in New Hampshire, but writing keeps her off the mean, small town streets.
Follow Tracey Martin:  Website | Twitter

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Review + Giveaway: Never Missing Never Found by Amanda Panitch

Title: Never Missing Never Found
Author: Amanda Panitch
Hardcover, 306 pages
Published: June 28th 2016 by Random House Books for Young Readers
Genre: YA - Thriller, mystery
Source: ARC from publisher

A juicy thriller about a girl who returned from the missing. . . . Hand to fans of We Were Liars, Bone Gap, and Vanishing Girls.

Some choices change everything. Scarlett chose to run. And the consequences will be deadly.

Stolen from her family as a young girl, Scarlett was lucky enough to eventually escape her captor. Now a teen, she's starting a summer job at an amusement park. There are cute boys, new friends, and the chance to finally have a normal life.

Her first day on the job, Scarlett is shocked to discover that a girl from the park has gone missing. Old memories come rushing back. And now as she meets her new coworkers, one of the girls seems strangely familiar. When Scarlett chose to run all those years ago, what did she set into motion? And when push comes to shove, how far will she go to uncover the truth . . . before it's too late? 
Purchase at: Amazon / B&N / Kobo / TBD / Indiebound

Thrillers/Mysteries are one of my favorite genres of books. Put it in a YA setting and BINGO! We have a winner! So when the opportunity came along to read and review Never Missing, Never found on my blog, I jumped at the chance to sink my teeth into this story. 

The book is about a girl named Scarlett. When she was just a young child, Scarlett was kidnapped and imprisoned at a home only to finally escape her captor many years later. 
Happily back with her family after years of being away, Scarlett decides she wants to try and move on with her life by getting a job and maybe making some friends for some normalcy. She ends up getting hired at a local amusement park but on the very first day of work she finds out that the girl who hired her has gone missing. This news hitting all too close to home begins to worry her that what happen to her may be happing all over again to another innocent girl. With constant flash backs, Scarlett recalls or relives what happen to her from the day she was taken, from the day she escapes her kidnappers once and for all. But what if those memories are not always what they seem.... sometimes the mind decides to block out or even change even the smallest of details of what tragic events happened to us. Scarlett will need to find a way to remember what really happen to her, in turn being the key to finding the missing girl. Of course, nothing is at it seems and the kidnapper may be closer than Scarlett she realizes....so much so maybe even one of her new co-workers or friends. Finding the truth may cost Scarlett her life....but is it worth it? You'll have to read the book for yourself.

What I really loved about Never Missing Never Found is the story is being told from a past and present time-line. One chapter goes into what is happening present day and the next focuses on her time while being held hostage for all those years. The reader will learn all the horrifying details of what really happen to Scarlett while being locked away. Until the end where both story-lines meet for the thrilling and shocking reveal, I personally did not see coming... The ending had me thinking, Oh. My. God! What did I just read?! 
I've read some amazing thrillers in my time but this one was a doozy!  For me, the ending can either make or break a YA thriller and in this case, it totally made it, awesome! 

A few more things i enjoyed about the book were: number 1 - Scarlett's character devolvement from when she was kidnapped/working and making friends up until the ending of the book. As the book begun I knew right away I liked her. She was strong-willed, edging, and but sweet-natured. She held her family and friends close but her memories even closer. You wanted to feel bad for her but at the same time, you knew she would find a way to fight even if it took her a while to do so. I wasn't all that thrilled by the secondary characters besides her love interest and her little sister but that didn't hinder my overall opinion about the book. Another thing I look for when reading any thriller/mystery is if the story keeps me interested throughout the entire book or just select chapters. In this case, I was enthralled the almost whole time. I couldn't wait to find out what happen next, what new memory Scarlet would relive order to help find her missing co-worker. 

I did have a couple areas of the book that I did happen some trouble with, one being towards the ending. I was confused about what happen at a certain point. I feel the author didn't thoroughly describe what happen. Of course, you wouldn't understand what I'm talking about unless you knew the ending but for me, this point in time could have been explained better. Also while most of the book had me completely engross in it there were a few chapters I feel dragged on and on... Other than that it was definitely a solid YA thriller that i really enjoy reading. 

As I've never read anything but the author Amanda Panitch, I was happy to have found I now have another new author to add to my favorites. I definitely will be reading more by her in the very near future but until then I so recommend to you all to check out this book. You so will not be disappointed. 

Totally Awesome! I loved it, would read again.

Enter to win a hardcopy of the Never Missing Never Found by Amanda Panitch below using the rafflecopter form. Open to US residents only!

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Blog Tour: Operation Tenley (The Fair City Files #1) by Jennifer Gooch Hummer | Excerpt + Giveaway!

Title: Operation Tenley
Series: The Fair City Files #1
by Jennifer Gooch Hummer
Publication Date: September 13, 2016
Publisher: Month9Books

Meet Tenley Tylwyth, an Elemental Teen born with the power to produce weather. Cool? Not really. Elementals who can create weather make Mother Nature angry. It’s time she got rid of them. Only one thing is standing in her way—Fair Ones. These ancestors of fairies keep kids like Tenley safe, but when rookie Fair One, Pennie, fails to do so, she’s forced to travel to Earth—a place where no Fair One wants to go. Now, Pennie has forty-eight hours to convince Tenley to give up her power. It won’t be so easy. Tenley’s got a way with wind. And after falling deep into Mother Nature’s gardens, where trees grow upside down and insects attack on command, a little wind might be just what Tenley needs to survive. Even if it kills her.

Purchase Links:
Google Play | BAM | Chapters | Indies | Amazon | B&N | Kobo | TBD | iBooks  

Chapter 18
Something sharp was jabbing into her side. Pennie opened her eyes.
Poking her.
Real branches.
The kind that could only be found on Earth.
Pennie jolted upright and hit the ground.
She moaned. She’d landed in a tree. The one she’d just fallen out of.
Her head felt like it was splitting down the middle. She reached for her tool belt before remembering she didn’t have it. She lifted her wrist to look at her stopwatch, before remembering she didn’t have that either.
“Gavron?” Pennie whispered. “Gavron?”
But Gavron was not there. And there weren’t any slurps or drools coming from anywhere, either.
She tried to stand, but must have forgotten about the house on her back. Or maybe it was a small meteor. Something very heavy was preventing her from standing. She pushed against the ground with all her might and got to her knees.
Gravity, she remembered. That’s what it was.

About The Author: Jennifer Gooch Hummer
Jennifer Gooch Hummer is the award-winning author and screenwriter of her debut novel, Girl Unmoored (SparkPress). Girl Unmoored has also been published in German (Carlsen).  Jennifer has worked as a script analyst for various talent agencies and film studios. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and three daughters.

Giveaway Information:  Contest ends September 30, 2016

  • One (1) winner will receive a scrabble tile book cover charm (US ONLY)
  • Five (5) winners will receive a digital copy of Operations Tenley by Jennifer Gooch Hummer (INT)

Friday, September 9, 2016

Calling all Fun-seekers! Inflatable-Zone has it all!

As Summer is soon coming to the end and fall right around the corner I remember how much fun I had on vacation when I went to an amusement park. What I loved best are the water rides! The thrill of sliding down a slide going super fast, tumbling and turning getting completely soaked. I miss how much fun I had that weekend.  

What if you could be that fun, that thrill to your very own home? You can! At Inflatable-Zone, you can bring the fun to you. 

Established in 2008, Inflatable-Zone specializes in big inflatable products, including Bubble Soccer (GET HERE) or Bumper Ball or Loopy Balls call them whatever you may, water game toys like water roller, blob, and trampoline, inflatable slide and bouncer (read more). They are export-oriented and approved by our customers from United States, Europe, Canada, Australia and so on thanks to our fine workmanship and quality assurance. And customers are welcomed to offer us customization ideas, like logo-printing, personalized size, shape and design.

Fun for the whole family, church get-together, birthday party, work picnic, out on the lake and so much more. There is so much variety to choose from. These top of line products will be the talk of the town!  Personally, I love both the human hamster ball and the Inflatable Zone Bubble Tent. There is so much room in the tent you can put a full-size bed and everything! I would absolutely love being able to read while in the bubble tent, enjoying nature all around me since it's totally see-through. You can use it while camping or even in your own back yard. 

Products like the one seen above, the Inflatable Water Bundle comes with all you see here. Imagine how much fun could be had with one of these babies!  You can put one in lake, water park, pool or seaside. 

  Inflatable-Zone promises to always offer affordable prices, and they occasionally offer promotion sale on some items. There is free shipping by express to United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia, door to door service to your house.  Their professional and dedicated team, advanced technology and machines guarantee the quality of our products. Carefully confirm and double check the condition of the items before shipping.

If you love a thrilling water ride like me or just enjoy having great fun, then go check them out at: https://www.inflatable-zone.com/
There are so many amazing products to choose from. The possible are endless. 


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