Tuesday, May 10, 2016

ARC Review: Suffer Love by Ashley Blake

Title: Suffer Love
Author: Ashley Herring Blake
Kindle, 360 pages
Published:  May 3rd, 2016
Publisher: HMH BOooks for Young Readers
Genre: YA - Romance - Contemporary

“Just let it go.”

That’s what everyone keeps telling Hadley St. Clair after she learns that her father cheated on her mother. But Hadley doesn’t want to let it go. She wants to be angry and she wants everyone in her life—her dad most of all—to leave her alone.

Sam Bennett and his family have had their share of drama too. Still reeling from a move to a new town and his parents’ recent divorce, Sam is hoping that he can coast through senior year and then move on to hassle-free, parent-free life in college. He isn’t looking for a relationship…that is, until he sees Hadley for the first time.

Hadley and Sam’s connection is undeniable, but Sam has a secret that could ruin everything. Should he follow his heart or tell the truth?
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Oh hell, no! You did not just give me that ending! After tearing my heart into bits and pieces, that's the ending that I get? This book convinces me that authors are evil and they enjoy seeing their readers get completely attached to the story and characters, only to break the reader's heart in the end and make them cry their eyes out. Mine did break, by the way.

Suffer Love, oh what do I even say about this book? Suffer Love is a heavy-issue book, and I tend to avoid heavy-issue books, so I don't know what got into my head when I read this one. It did what I predicted it would do - make me completely attached and feel every single feeling the main characters were feeling. As cliche and unrealistic as this book seems to be, I still loved it.

Hadley and Sam's love story was doomed from the start. Their parents had an affair with each other - Sam knows, Hadley doesn't. We all know how badly this is going to end, but that didn't stop my heart from breaking anyway when it happened. I hurt for both Hadley and Sam, I hurt for the parents and for Livy who got thrown in the middle of it all. I hurt for Kat and Ajay, who got thrown into the mix anyway.

I really loved all the friendship in this book. How close Sam and Ajay were to each other, in the way that they shared everything with each other. Oftentimes in YA, boy-boy friendships show how boys only talk about shallow stuff and how they would call each other pussies at the mention of real feelings. Ajay and Sam's friendship is full of teasing each other and giving each other crap, but at the end of the day they know everything about each other and are not afraid to be intimate with each other.

Hadley and Kat's friendship, on the other hand, is far from perfect, but they do try. They're willing to say sorry and admit their mistakes, and Kat is always willing to give Hadley the harsh truth no matter what. We still know that she has Had's back though.

And of course, my favorite relationship of all is Sam and Livy's relationship. How willing they are to protect each others backs. How Sam never complained when he had to do all the things for Livy - cooking, looking out for her, etc. Livy, in her own way, also looked out for Sam. I just loved the dynamics between the two - the closeness between two siblings.

Reading Suffer Love is a unique experience that you won't get from just reading any other book. Although I've encountered a lot of heavy-issue books, even books with cheating parents, this one felt different somehow. I don't know what it is about this book, but I sure enjoyed reading it, even though my heart was being torn into a million pieces as I flipped each page onto the next.

 Totally Awesome! I loved it, would read again.

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