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Book Blitz: Corner of Ocean and Bay by Gina Azzi | Top Ten Guest Post + Excerpt + Giveaways!

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Welcome everyone to the book blitz for Corner of Ocean and Bay by Gina Azzi! I hope everyone will enjoy this post and learning all about this fabulous new book and author! Be sure to enter the giveaways below where you can win a copy of the book and a $50 Amazon GC! :)

Title: Corner of Ocean and Bay
Author: Gina Azzi 
Publication date: June 15th 2015 
Genre: Young Adult - Contemporary

Nessa Moore has sought reliable stability since her father’s death. Now, she’s over it. Tired of always being the mature adult, constantly worrying about her alcoholic mother, stressing about being able to afford college, she wants to have one normal, carefree, fun summer. And be more like her best friend Jacie.

Jacie Hayes is struggling to overcome the recent breakup with her first love. The one that ripped out her heart and left her devastated. Frustrated and bored with her own self pity, Jacie wants nothing more than to forget about Dylan, to go back to her old ways, her old self. To be the fun loving, live-in-the-moment girl who gossips about boys and sips mojitos.

Best friends since childhood, Nessa and Jacie have been through all their ups and downs together. No matter what. Now, the summer before their senior year of high school, they accept an invitation from Jacie’s aunt to join her in Lockwood Quay, New Jersey, a summer beach getaway.

Determined to make this their best, most memorable, summer yet, both girls push their own boundaries, accept new challenges, and find themselves keeping secrets from each other.

But sometimes, stepping out of your comfort zone has consequences.

And some secrets can’t be forgiven. 
Or forgotten.
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Strong hands close on my hips from behind and I immediately recognize Z’s touch, his smell envelops me as he pulls closer. The hard muscles of his thighs alleviate the pressure on my legs as his forearms close around my middle, holding me up, pressing me into him. His chin dips down, nestling in the curve of my neck. He presses a soft kiss to the top of my shoulder.

“Nessa,” he whispers, closing the space between our mouths. He stops an inch from my lips. “I’m going to kiss you now.”

I nod, barely, before his lips gently press over mine.  Z kisses me slowly, sweetly, reverently. He pulls back slightly and looks into my eyes, shaking his head imperceptibly. His hands work their way up my shirt, gripping the sides of my ribcage and he jerks me closer, slanting his head; his mouth crashes over mine, and I’m pulled under like a riptide.  

Another excerpt:

My feet arch and I rise up on my tippy toes. My hands grasp the collar of his polo shirt, pulling his face closer. I brush my lips against his gently. He doesn’t respond. I try again, flicking my tongue out to catch his bottom lip. My hands slide to the back of his neck, brushing against the edge of his collar, where his hair curls over slightly. I pour my soul into the kiss: my beating heart, my frustration of sneaking around, my anger over the traitor tears, my admiration for him, my everything.

Just as I start to pull away, his arms wrap around me, grasping me closer. His left hand clasps my head, just behind my ear. He angles his mouth over mine and kisses me harder, deeper.  And I forget to breathe.

Ten Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Wrote a Novel

Thank you so much for inviting me to share on your blog! I’m Gina Azzi and I recently self-published my first novel Corner of Ocean and Bay.

Here are ten things I wish someone told me before I wrote a novel:

  1. It’s OK not to have all the answers. They’ll come to you in time.
  2. Your best ideas come from the most unlikely places – and in very surprising moments.
  3. Honest friends are more important than friends who don’t want to hurt your feelings.
  4. Have several people read your book – before you send it to the editor.
  5. The cover is incredibly important.  Yes, people do judge a book by its cover – it’s true!
  6. You don’t have to accept every suggestion someone offers on how to improve your novel – the ultimate decision to accept or reject a change is yours. But you should always listen first.
  7. Be open and receptive to criticism – you’re characters may grow a bit more, your ideas may develop, etc. – if you are open to understanding the perspectives of others.
  8. Some days, the writing will not come. And it’s ok. (Other days, it will flow. These days are awesome!).
  9. Your characters are not you. Or your friends. Allow them to form their own identities.
  10. Have fun – and enjoy the process! It’s amazing how much you will learn and grow and develop.

Happy writing!

About The Author: Gina Azzi
Gina Azzi spent all of her childhood summers at the beach in New Jersey - it was magical! Gina is a passionate reader, frequent globetrotter, and coffee enthusiast. She currently resides in Dubai with her husband, Tony.

Gina loves meeting new people and would love to hear from you!

It's giveaway time! Yippee! =D

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  1. I do love the beach during summer.

  2. This book sounds really interesting! Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention. :)
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian


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