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Guest Post: Giraffe wall decals: the animal with a long neck

Today I bring you a guest post from a really neat site that sells wall decals. I've always wanted one of these.They are great for kids and adults alike. Enjoy!

Giraffe wall decals: the animal with a long neck
Among several types of wall decals, the giraffe wall decals are very popular with nursery children, teenagers, those children who stay in crèches, and even with the parents. These wall decals are available in many vibrant colors, and different textures, and these wall decals can be available in single giraffe designs, or as a part of an entire zoo story, or a fairy tale giraffe story. A giraffe is an animal which is known for its height, and ling neck. So children are often fond of staring at the giraffe wall decals for long hours when they can imagine that they will also grow in height like the giraffe.  wallstickerscool

Sale and the measurement of the giraffe wall decals:
Giraffe wall decals can be available in several web portals, and also in offline stores. During special seasons, or during festivals, these decals are available at an enviable rate of discount. Usually the size of the giraffe printed wall decals can range like the following:
  • X 126 inch
  • 48 inch
  • 36 inch
  • 8 inch x 10 inch
  • L
  • X
  • 46 inch
  • 10 inch and many more.
There are several notable paint companies in both UK and USA, which have different segments for painting and installing giraffe printed decals in the rooms of people. They have their reputed brand of customers who want particular type of giraffe wall decals, wither for importing these for their homes, or for exporting them to some of their friends abroad.

These giraffe wall decals are easy to remove and these also enhance their creativity, and these stickers have long-necked animated cute and funny giraffes printed on them. Plus these giraffe wall decals are not made up of any toxic material. For normal painting on walls, children can have an aversion or an allergy to the wall paints, but these wall decals are highly non-toxic, and they convert the simple room of the kids into a dream world rich with elements of fantasy.

Special playground collection of giraffe wall stickers:
Giraffe wall decals are available in special playground collection, and these are very good not only for houses and nursery schools, but also for colleges, roadside eateries, restaurants, and the infant wards in hospitals. The best fact about these giraffe wall decals is that, they can be installed on the walls very easily, and they can also be removed very easily. It is one of the most prominent features of this giraffe printed wall decals that they also act as growth charts for the children. Just like the giraffe which grows to be the tallest animal, we must also tell our children if they eat and sleep properly, then they will also grow long and strong as the giraffe. I remember one of the daughters of my friend, Sarah, saying to her mom,
“Mom, just see the giraffe’s long head, and the neck. I feel like touching it. But for that I have to grow in height.”
And my friend was ready to reply with a quick smile:
“Then you must take all the medicines timely. You must eat the porridge and do our homework. Then I shall give you more giraffe wall decals for your play-room.”
And she kept her promise. Now her daughter has an enviable collection of the following giraffe wall decals:
  • Giraffe standing within a cage inside a zoo. There are rows of blossoms all scattered around the giraffe.
  • There is a wall decal in fluorescent colors- the giraffe is trying to feed its young one. Purple, lavender and pink background and floral prints in white and red are used in this decal.
  • There is also a giraffe wall decal in one of her living rooms. It is entirely on black and white. The borders of black and white are marked with silver lining, and there is also a step to climb and measure the growth chart. My friend said that this last one was gifted to her by her pediatrician.
  • 1 giraffe looks small, and it is available in 14 inch, and the tall one measures about 56 inch. The entire background and foreground is textured with grass bushes and shrubs, and the picture portrays that the giraffe is eating the grass.
Vinyl coated giraffe wall decals can also be attached to the private kitchen of the children, and also in  the balconies, to create a desired jungle or wild natural effect.

Check out their website! (also @ )There are so many amazing decals to choose from. 

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