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Review: The Truth: Diary of a Gusty Tween by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

Title: The Truth: Diary of a Gusty Tween
Author: Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
Published: July 1st 2014 by Sky Pony Press
Hardcover, 176 pages
Source: Print ARC via Publisher
Reading Level: Middle Grade (8-12 years)

Growing up is tough. Adults don’t always understand you (even though they were once kids), and children today face increasing pressure to be, look, or act a certain way. Written in the voice of a girl on the cusp of becoming a teenager, The Truth provides young girls with an opportunity to see how a girl, who is in many ways like themselves, handles her toughest problems and most personal thoughts. Each new page brings forth a discussion to help girls handle everyday problems: How do you survive a bully? How do you handle a crush on a boy? What can you do about relentless teasing by your peers? What really matters as you grow older?

In a positive and supportive diary-entry format, Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein encourages tween girls to carry the most precious parts of themselves into adulthood. A great book for mothers and daughters to read together, The Truth is aimed to improve communication, understanding, and self-esteem for young girls as they enter the rocky road of teenager-dom.

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If you've been a reader of my blog for long you may have noticed I do NOT read or review a lot of middle grade fiction. I often find the writing style and stories to be too juvenile for my taste. A few months ago I was sent a unsolicited copy of The Truth: Diary of a Gusty Tween by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein. Upon receiving it in the mail I decided to take a peek at the book, mainly because I loved the cover and title. I was very much intrigued also after seeing it was written by a Doctor. I read a couple pages, and a few more....and before I knew it I totally forgot about eating dinner, glancing up at the time to find I've been reading for over a hour. Guess what? I was 5 pages away from being finished. While yes the book itself is only a mere 176 pages it moved along quickly. I honestly only planned to read a few pages but ended up finishing the book in record time. IT WAS THAT GOOD!

The story consists of diary entries being written by an 11 year old girl. She talks about her family, school, her friends, and her first crush, among many other random events. Her entries  touch base along many normal but often difficult subjects for young girls. For instance, losing friends, family hardships, heartbreak,  and sometimes just feeling misunderstood

I felt the author did a superb job at reaching out to young girls and touching upon many sensitive subjects that many tweens would be embarrassed to talk about. Growing up is never easy, for any age girl or boy. The Truth: Diary of a Gusty Tween reads as kind of a tool or helping hand if you will for all young girl growing up and who often feel clueless. I feel all Mothers should definitely read this book with or to their daughter(s). 

I also really loved the small illustrations among the pages (samples seen below). It really helps the book read more like a tween wrote it rather than an adult. Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein writes so simplistically and child-like which for me really gives the book the sensation of actually being written from a tweens POV. Which of course is the point. ;)

Every young girl everywhere should pick up a copy of this book! Beg you're parents of you have too. hehe ;) Even as an adult I totally enjoyed reading it! 

Totally EPIC! One of the best books I have read. A MUST read!!


  1. I totally told my 10 year old sister to read this one :)

  2. Reminds me a bit of the style of the Amelia books! I'll recommend this to the kids in my life.

  3. This book sounds wonderful. I don't have any children myself but I would sure recommend it to anyone I know that does.


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