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Guest Post & Giveaway: ~YA Psychological Thriller~ Oblivion by Sasha Dawn | Win a SIGNED print copy!

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Hello everyone! 
Today I have the pleasure of being part of the official blog tour to promote new debut author Sasha Dawn and her NEW book, OBLIVION. Sasha has written up a fabulous author guest post (actually 3) for my readers to enjoy! Also for an extra treat, Egmont USA (and Sasha) are giving me a SIGNED hardcopy of OBLIVION to give away on my blog. To enter use the form below on this post. Enjoy! 

Oblivion by Sasha Dawn
Hardcover (ebook), 400 pages
Published May 27th 2014 by EgmontUSA
Genre: YA - Psychological Thriller

Lisa McMann's Dead to You meets Kate Ellison's The Butterfly Clues in a psychological thriller full of romance, intrigue, and mystery. 

One year ago, Callie was found in an abandoned apartment, scrawling words on the wall: "I KILLED HIM. His blood is on my hands. His heart is in my soul. I KILLED HIM." But she remembers nothing of that night or of the previous thirty-six hours. All she knows is that her father, the reverend at the Church of the Holy Promise, is missing, as is Hannah, a young girl from the parish. Their disappearances have to be connected and Callie knows that her father was not a righteous man.

Since that fateful night, she's been plagued by graphomania -- an unending and debilitating compulsion to write. The words that flow from Callie's mind and through her pen don't seem to make sense -- until now. 

As the anniversary of Hannah's vanishing approaches, more words and memories bubble to the surface and a new guy in school might be the key to Callie putting together the puzzle. But digging up the secrets she's buried for so long might be her biggest mistake.

«“Readers will feel unmoored until the last few pages of Oblivion, and that’s alright; so does the story’s narrator, Callie . . . . The book’s intensity can be overwhelming. Callie’s uncontrollable need to write—and the anxiety she feels when she can’t—is communicated as if by osmosis . . . . questions fade in the face of the incessant demands that the graphomania makes on both the characters and those turning the pages.”—Booklist starred review

“This gripping mystery excels in the portrayal of teenagers’ conflicted inner lives.”—Library Media Connection

“Thoroughly compelling.”—Kirkus Reviews

How awesome is this? I gave Sasha a choice between 3 different guest post idea's and guess what? She did them all! :) Very, very cool. Thank you, Sasha Dawn. 

Do a OBLIVION acronym. Using the first letter of the book title to describe the book. 

Discuss what it takes to make a good thriller novel. Key components.
The most important element to a good thriller is apathy. Readers need to be invested in the main character’s emotions, or they aren’t invested and it won’t work. Another element is the red herring(s), which is essential to potential plot twists. Finally, I try to end every chapter with a question mark. 

Top Ten reasons to read OBLIVION. 
10. For the poetry du jour.

9. The rumors are juicy.

8. Callie might give you an inept tarot card reading…or at least a tour of a mental health facility.

7. Elijah’s a hugger…and a kisser.

6. Everyone loves free therapy. Sit in on Callie’s sessions.

5. Too see what words of wisdom grace Lindsey’s t-shirt today.

4. To hang out at the Vagabond Café. Good music, good food, great view of the harbor.

3. For the walks in the rain with John.

2. How often are you invited into the labyrinth of a graphomaniac’s mind?

1. No matter how challenging your life is, you’ll feel a sense of normality after reading about Callie’s. 

- About The Author: Sasha Dawn -
Sasha Dawn teaches college composition to America’s youth at McHenry County College and the College of Lake County. She’s drawn to suspense, the survival instinct in people, and has a crush on Thomas Jefferson. She lives in a suburb of Chicago.  

-  Follow Sasha on Twitter here.


To be entered to win a SIGNED hardcopy of OBLIVION use the rafflecopter form below. 

Open to US & Canada.
Giveaway ends: Jun 19th
For Bittersweet Enchantment readers only. :)


  1. Thanks for this giveaway! It seems like a fun cross between Veronica Mars and Dexter. Should be interesting!

  2. this looks and sounds fantastic! Thanks for sharing ;)

  3. I def want to read this and the butterfly clues!
    Mary G Loki

    1. The Butterfly Clues was a good read! I enjoyed it!

  4. Christina R. in the rafflecopter

    Thank you so very much!!

    LOVE how the author described the book using the title!!

    And hugging Elijah sounds awesome :)

    Thank you :)

    1. Elijah has his flaws, but he's yummmmmmy. Go ahead and hug him, but stay on your toes.

  5. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! Looks great! :-)

  6. This post is great! Thanks so much for the chance.

  7. Hello, all! Thanks for your enthusiasm regarding my debut YA psychological thriller! Would you enjoy an excerpt of OBLIVION while you wait for your copies to arrive? Stay tuned... Follow me on Twitter for updates or drop me a line at

  8. I am new to this blog, but I can already tell I am going to like it!

  9. I need to read this book. It's YA and psychology, it's perfect for me.

  10. I am an avid reader, either books or ebooks. I love to hold a good book and read it though. It doesn't matter a good story is all I need and this looks to be a thriller of a book. Thrillers are stories that take your mind off of everything that is going on:) Good luck too! Darlene Cruz


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