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Devour by Jill Cooper Book Blitz

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Devour by Jill Cooper
Release date: May 26th 2014
Self-published by Author
Paperback, 300 Pages

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Life in Gloucester Massachusetts will never be the same.

Raging storms, fierce winds, shadows shifting in the breeze. Storms are nothing new for the fishing hamlet.

But darkness has come to claim the hearts and minds of those that stand in it too long. When that happens, love will be ripped from man leaving only violence, despair, and gnashing teeth.

Except for two.

Roberta is a single mom, a waitress struggling to get through life after a rocky start tainted by murder and loss. Her heart yearns for Gabriel; a deputy living in the shadow of the chief. He's a battle weary soldier ready to settle down.

When the storm comes, when the murders start, it will be up to them to stop it before darkness isn't just an empty void.

It takes the shape of man, ready to pull you into the sea.
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The door chimed and I glanced over, fluffing my red curls slightly. He was right on time.
With Brooding wide shoulders, Deputy Gabriel Manning could fill out a uniform in all the right places. His hair was sandy brown, and soft like an ocean’s wave.  My heart skipped a beat in the way it had when I knew Gabriel growing up, but what girl hadn’t had a crush on him?
“Deputy.” I said with a smile as I poured a cup of coffee into a Styrofoam cup and attached a lid. “Danish?”
“Not today. I have to watch the calories.” Gabriel smiled and patted his perfectly flat stomach. Perfectly perfect was more like it. On more than one occasion I had imagined him without his shirt. Always made me feel guilty, I wasn’t ready to move on, and he just wasn’t my friend.
He was Rick’s friend too.
That just made it a whole host of complicated and while I knew Gabriel should have been off-limits, nobody told my heart that.
He took the coffee and his fingers swept across mine gently, but I knew he did it on purpose. It made me blush, but my heart sprouted wings.  He had been working up to something for a while, but I never said anything. Always pretended I didn’t notice. My heart shouted at me through a bullhorn to say or do anything, but the guilt stopped me.
Guilt like I was betraying my dead soon-to-be-husband with his closest friend. Meanwhile Rick was somewhere at the bottom of Gloucester Harbor, still never found.

About The Author: Jill Cooper

Find Jill @

Author of the YA Dream Slayer series, Jill loves to blend horror, comedy, the supernatural, and love, through her novels. A fan of genre blending, her work strives to cross boundaries, but most of all strives to entertain.

She loves soft cuddly cats, warm blankets, and paranormal romances. Jill resides in Massachusetts, is constantly renovating her home that she shares with her husband, young daughter, and two skittish cats.

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  1. I think is great, i love it !

  2. Nice post. Thanks for participating!

  3. It's nice enough. It's not a cover that would grab my attention in the store though.

  4. this looks and sounds fabulous ;) Thanks for sharing!

  5. I like the concept I'm not crazy about how her feet seem to be part of the focal point buts till it's very pretty!

  6. kind of spooky witch make's it perfect for the story line!

  7. I love the cover of the book, it's really nice!

  8. The font alone sparks my interest and there is something about her eyes . . . . I'm in!


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