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Blog Tour: New Sight by Jo Schneider | Review + Giveaway!

 photo 8c2aadb6-a0e8-4f9b-864f-080ed4a33c79_zps0f950b1b.jpgTitle: New Sight
Author: Jo Schneider
Published: April 22nd 2014 by Jolly Fish Press
Genre: Urban Fantasy > Magic > Romance
Paperback (ebook), 310 pages
Source: Publisher - Print ARC
Reading Level: YA

After succumbing to the sudden and terrifying urge to rip people’s eyes out of their sockets, 16-year-old Lysandra Blake finds herself tied down in a psych ward, convinced she’s crazy. The doctors have no answers, and Lys is ready to give up when the mysterious Jeremiah Mason appears, telling Lys that she’s not insane—she’s addicted to a rare and deadly drug that she has no recollection of using. Mr. Mason offers to take her to his facility where he can treat her. Desperate yet suspicious, Lys agrees to go with Mr. Mason to his facility where she meets with a fellow addict, the tall and handsome Kamau. Together they discover that Mr. Mason may not have told them the truth about their condition—they’re thrown headfirst into a world of daunting powers that are not only unbelievable, they are dangerous.

*hangs head and sighs* Have you ever read a book and after finishing you just don't know what you really felt about the book? There so many different emotions I went through (and still am going through) after reading New Sight. Sadly, the biggest emotion was confusion. Many times I said to myself "What the heck just happen or okay, that made no sense whatsoever." This book was definitely different, but very good at the same time. 

Okay, okay, I'm getting ahead of myself. Allow me to give you a rundown about the story. 

As story begins where we meet a troubled teen named, Lys. Lys is staying in a hospital for her own good. She recently ripped out her eye and her Mother's eye for no reason other than she felt the NEED to do so. This very powerful urge to take the eyes of others is not only horrifying but confusing to herself and her family. Now chained to a bed for her own safety, Lys feels helpless and scared to what will happen next. When her Father comes to visit her he tells Lys there may be someone, a man named Mr. Mason who knows what is happening to her and how to "fix the problem". With nothing left to lose Lys is transfer to a  secluded "medical center" where she may find the help she needs. When Lys is told this "NEED" she feels is related to a party drug called "Pop" she doesn't know what to think. Can I drug really cause these effects or is there something more going on...

A sudden turn of events causes Lys to finally find out the TRUTH of what's happening to her and the others in the center "friends" she has meet along the way but sometimes knowing the truth is not always safe. Lys and her new friends are gifted with powers not many other humans have but are clueless to how to use these magical powers or even why they have them in the first place. Finding the answers they seek turns turns out to be a whole new problem. Lies, and betrayals go hand and hand. Who can Lys and her friends really trust or more so who should they trust...

The story itself I felt had really great potential in so many ways. The main reason it failed in some areas for me was because of how confused I was for much of the book. There were gaps and holes in the storyline. I felt at many times that the author didn't do a good job at helping the reader understand what was going on. I found myself getting lost and saying "What just happen there?" or "Huh?" Sadly the story was really good and fun to read when I understood what I was reading. I immensely enjoyed Lys and pretty much all of the secondary characters in the book. Lys and her friends had to endure so much, SO MUCH hardships. I was constantly feeling sorry for them and hoping something, anything good would come of all of this.  I really feel if the story would have been clearer to what was going on and more in depth detailing then my feeling would be a lot different. A 5 star read maybe, but because I was often left scratching my head in confusion this lessened the likability of the book. 

One of the best things I did love about the story was the use of magic, the powers the characters had, and the reasoning behind them. The magical aspect of the book was mind-blowing, truly it was. I adored the fantasy and adventure author Jo Schneider brings to the book as well as the mystery of who is good and who is bad. I was constantly guessing who really could be trusted and who had ulterior motives. For Jo's first book I definitely say it has some potential. Would I read the next one in the series? Yes, but only because I really want to find out what happens next. 

All in all, I did "LIKE" New Sight. While I did struggle with many parts of the book I also really enjoyed the overall story. To anyone who enjoys reading fantasy and magic based books I would definitely recommend NEW SIGHT. 

I liked it a lot. Would recommend.

About The Author: Jo Schneider
Find Jo @
JO SCHNEIDER lives in Bountiful, Utah, but she has spent countless hours traveling all over the world. Her goal is to visit all seven continents, and she's nearly finished. Being a geek at heart, Schneider has always been drawn to science fiction and fantasy; she writes both. Based on her travels and her experience obtaining a black belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate, Schneider's works feature authentic, impressive settings and extraordinary action sequences.

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