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Hi everyone! :)
Today is my stop on the Deprogrammed by Nicole Sobon Blog Tour. I am super excited to share with you all about Nicole's new book as I have before when I participated in the blog tour for her first book in the The Emile Reed Chronicles, Program 13. 

I hope each of you enjoy this post and be sure to enter to win some goodies in the giveaway below. 

Deprogrammed by Nicole Sobon
Publication date: August 4th 2013
Series: The Emile Reed Chronicles #2
Genre: Science Fiction
Reading Level: YA - 15+

Every choice that you make has a consequence.

When Emile Reed went back to Vesta Corp to save her loved ones, she'd been deprogrammed. Thirteen had regained control, forcing her to become a prisoner inside of her own body. She has been left to live alongside Thirteen, able to hear everything that occurs around her, but unable to react…until she sees him.

He reawakens her past and gives Emile the strength she needs to overpower Thirteen. Having regained control of her body and her mind, Emile now has to face the fact that her past decisions have hurt those that she loves the most: her family.

Alexis Ward never meant to hurt anyone, but she did.

Her choices ended up hurting both Emile and Hayden Reed, effectively ending their lives outside of Vesta Corp. When her uncle brings her to Vesta Corp, trying to force her into taking part in the family business, Alexis is forced to face the consequences of her decisions when she comes face to face with both Hayden and Emile.

In order to survive, they’ll need to let go of their pasts, and find the strength within themselves to fight back against McVeigh.
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Sitting in a glass cell could really drive a person mad, I thought.
I knew what my uncle was up to. I knew that he was trying to break me in hopes that I’d reveal Colton’s location. But I wouldn’t do it.
I watched as White Coats passed by, new subjects within their grasps, each barely clinging to life. It was truly sick what they did to these people. Worse even, not a single one of them ever appeared to be affected by their actions.
Death was a part of life, sure, but this wasn’t simply death. This was plain murder. They were killing people because my delusional uncle had asked them to, what kind of fucked shit was that?
A young boy, no older than Emile, was being escorted down the hall. His eyes darted around the room before settling on me. He didn’t say a word, but I could see the terror in his eyes. He knew that it was over; that there was no way he was leaving this building alive.
My grandfather sat me down and explained the family business to me when I was just six years old. He wanted to “desensitize” me as he’d put it. We weren’t supposed to care. Death was supposed to be of the norm for us, we weren’t meant to feel anything from it.
But I had never been like the others.
I never understood their reasoning for wanting to fix our world because, in my eyes, our world had never been the problem. We had been the problem all along.
The look on his face was proof of that. He felt. The others? They were blank, void of any sort of emotion. They were lifeless, and yet they were considered the living among the dead. They had been brainwashed by my family, and they hadn’t even tried to fight it, which made me question the lives they led outside of work.

[ Another Except from Deprogrammed... ]

Colton strolled over to me, his hands deep inside of his pockets. He rocked on his heels, his head lowered. “What’s going on, Emile?”
The thing about Colton was that, even though we’d only met after I’d escaped Vesta Corp, he’d become an integral part of my life. He knew me inside and out. I could have lied to him. I could have, but I didn’t.
“Do you believe in fate?” I asked, spinning around on the stool, careful not to meet his eyes.
“To an extent, yes. I believe that fate brought us together,” he answered honestly.
“Okay, that is understandable, I guess.” I strummed my fingers along the computer’s keyboard as I spun around to face the monitor. “But do you think our futures are already determined for us?”
“Why are you asking all of this? What’s going on?”
I let out a small laugh. “Remember when we were in the hallway?” He nodded. “Well, Thirteen tried telling me that I couldn’t escape my fate and that there was no point in fighting the inevitable.”
“Do you think it is inevitable?” he asked.
“Me?” I scoffed. “No. Nothing is ever guaranteed. One minor adjustment can alter everything. Nothing is ever set in stone. As of right now, we’re all on one path: we’re all stuck inside of this hell that we’re trying to escape, and it may seem like the outcome has already been determined for us, but it hasn’t. The smallest of things could change everything. A death. Deception. Anything could force us to follow another path, and you know what? We determine that path, not fate.”
“What path do you see yourself on?” Colton hopped up onto the computer desk, tucking his hands underneath his thighs.
“I see us starting new lives outside of this place, far from McVeigh and his men,” I answered honestly. “But I know not all of us will make it out of here. There is still more pain to come our way, but there is also happiness if we allow for it.”

About The Author: Nicole Sobon
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Nicole Sobon is the Young Adult ficiton writer of the exciting Emile Reed Chronicles, the Outbreak Duology, No Place Like Home, and various short stories. 

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