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Q: What is a deal breaker for you in a book? For example, do you abhor love triangles? Or can’t deal with bad editing?

My Answer:  I have a few pet peeves that really turn me off about a book. 

1. Very wordy, which seems to drag out the book. Just get to the point.

2. When a character is snobby, a know it all. Also when a character is whiny. Ugh! I hate that. I'm like, "Just get over it!" while reading.

3. NO ROMANCE! I don't know about you but I like books that have that "romance factor" added in. Even a little bit does the trick.

Friday reads is a huge event that goes on every Friday where we all discuss what we are reading.  From my understanding this idea originated on Twitter from @FridayReads. You use the hashtag #FridayReads to share your current read and talk with other readers/bloggers about theirs. 

I decided I would participate as well on my blog.  :) Here is what I am reading today:

Black City by Elizabeth Richards
Paperback / ARC
Expected publication: November 13th 2012 by G.P. Putnam's Sons BYR

Reason for reading:
My blog has a stop on the Black City book blog tour. I will be posting my review on Nov 11th via the tour. For more info click here.

I am really enjoying Black City so far. I am about half way through and loving every minute of it. 

What are you reading today? I would love to know. :)

Happy Friday! Who's ready for the weekend? 


  1. seems alot of people dont like books that drag on or snobby leads.

    romance is a give or take for me, i dont like heady, passionate romances but i like the soft, sweet ones of epic fantasy.

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  2. I agree with it all...

    Too wordy or too simple... there needs to be a happy middle.

    whiny characters... shoot me now.

    no romance.. I am a girl for goodness sake give me some steamy kissing scenes with a little bit of sweetness.

    I finished Black City early this week... Oh My I loved loved loved it. My review is up on my blog if you would like to check it out.

    oh and I am reading.... This is Not a Test, Reaping Me Softly, and I am listening to Ender's Game.

  3. ah, you're a girl after my own heart! I need some romance in every book too. Doesnt have to be the main storyline, but definitely needs to be in there somewhere! I also hate the overly wordy/descriptive. Seriously, just say the thing is black and move on. I dont need to hear all the different shades of black, how it looks in the light, in the dark, how its as black as this that and the other!!!! argh!!

    My friday reads this week is a book called Marquel by Emily Skinner. Pretty good so far! I only just heard about Black City, sounds retty cool!

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  4. Oh I dislike a whinny character!

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    -Amanda P
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  5. I like going into a book KNOWING FOR SURE whether or not there's going to be romance. If it sticks to its guns I'm okay either way. :) New follower, check me out at:

  6. I like going into a book KNOWING FOR SURE whether or not there's going to be romance. If it sticks to its guns I'm okay either way. :) New follower, check me out at:

  7. Bad editing is definitely a deal breaker. I've run across books that everyone is raving about and yet I can't get past the first chapter because the editing is so bad.

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    Julie~ New Adult Addiction

  8. I definitely agree. I can't stand long and wordy things. I never thought about it, but I can't stand if a book doesn't have a *little* bit of love in it at all.

    Thanks for sharing. :D

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  9. Good points :D

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  10. Thank you to everyone shared your comments and FF links. :)


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