Sunday, September 23, 2012

Want to play a game?!

Hello loyal readers! 
So, I have a question for everyone. Who would be interested in playing some fun games here to win books or swag? 

Game Idea's include:

  • Book or blog scavenger hunt? This is where I will tell you a list of items, images or things you must find on the web or here on my blog and you find them. Each item would be a entry in to win a book or swag item.
  • Guess the book or character, ect? I will give you a hint or clue to what the book/character/book cover will be. Each right answer will count toward 1 entry to win a prize.
  • Trivia, Comment contest.... 

These are all of the idea's I have for now. If you have a cool game idea let me know. Depending how it goes I may have a different game each month with a giveaway.

So how does that sound? Would YOU like to participate in some fun games like these on my blog? Please leave me a comment below. 

I will be paying for all items and shipping myself but will also love to invite any authors/publishers to donate as well if they would like to. This way I may do more games more often. If you are a author and/or publisher and would like to donate a book or swag (hardcopy/ecopy...ect) please e-mail me at ChiKittie [@] gmail [dot] com  Your book(s) and yourself will be promoted in anyway you would like as a token of my thanks!

I would love to begin this sometime soon so please leave me a comment or shoot me a e-mail and let me know if you guys would be into something like this. 

Thank you and I hope every has a wonderful day!


  1. I'm game! Seriously, no pun intended on that one...that was just the first thought to pop in my head...anywho, I love the idea! I'll try and think of some other games too...^.^

  2. Great idea! I especially like trying to guess the book/character/cover! Sounds fun!

  3. This is such a good idea! I'm up for it. :)

  4. This would be so much fun! I would definitely play!!

  5. I would love to participate, and think that a 'game' would be more interesting than just posting up a rafflecopter/ form.
    Taking a trivia quiz about books or that genre, and/or guessing the title or author is a great idea. Please count me in!

  6. Thank you for all of your input. I should have a game up within the next couple days.

  7. I'd love to participate as an author. I'd be happy to donate a PDF copy of my new release, 'To be Maria'.

  8. I would love to participate.

    I can donate two books: a paperback copy of my graphic novel Lure
    and an e-copy (PDF, epub, and mobi) of my novel Other Systems.


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