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Author Lori Culwell talks about "Authors & Negitive Reviews!"+ DOUBLE Giveaway!

Hello everyone & Happy weekend! So as promised I am here today to bring my readers a awesome and quite informative post from Author Lori Culwell. She is the author of such books as The Dirt and Hollywood Car Wash. Both books are published with Simon & Schuster and Booktrope. I have had the pleasure to read The Dirt and loved it! 

As most of you know things have gotten pretty heated up with authors and book bloggers alike in the topic of a "Negative or Bad" review. I myself try hard not to get involved by these occurrences but often wonder what different authors opinions are on this topic. So I have asked the lovely Lori Culwell to write about what she thinks and feels about the drama. 

Here is what she has to say....

What Can You Do About the Bad Review?
by Lori Curwell

I don’t mean to be the “total buzzkill” guest blogger, but I have sad news for you,
aspiring writers: somehow, someday, someone is not going to love your work.
Sometime after you put out your book (even if that book comes out through a major
publisher), someone is going to write a bad review about something that you wrote.

I challenged a bad review once and only once, on the grounds that the review said
IN THE REVIEW that he knew nothing about/ never read the genre in which I
was writing, and that he probably shouldn’t be reviewing it anyway. I can take a
negative opinion, but a negative UNINFORMED opinion just seems silly. It did take
a lot of back and forth, but eventually that person took down their review.

It’s happened again since then, and I have to say, now I don’t even read the bad ones,
because I know they are part of life as a writer. I accept that there are people in the
world who just don’t like my writing. I’m lucky enough to say that I get paid money
to write books, and with that privilege come challenges. Sometimes I can’t find
the right publisher for whatever book I’m working on at the moment. Sometimes
a book sells less than I would want. Sometimes people just don’t like me OR my
writing. That’s part of the job.

If you read the book “Turning Pro,” by Steven Pressfield, getting serious about your
work really makes sense. Really, you are writing for yourself. If you happen to get
paid for this work, you should consider yourself even luckier.

I’m not even one of those “glass half full” people, honestly, but over the years, I have
found that the occasional bad review is well worth the privilege of publishing. Just
my opinion, of course.

My advice: don’t argue with the bad reviews. Consider them a badge of honor.

Wow, this is some awesome stuff! Very honest and thought provoking.

Thank you Lori!!
I hope everyone enjoyed Lori's guest post. I know I did. :) So Lori being the awesome gal she is has offered my readers SIGNED copies of BOTH of her books (paperbacks). 
WOOT! How cool is that? 
One lucky reader will take all. Until I talk with Lori the giveaway will be open to US only but may change, so check back. 

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  1. I loved this post. I recently did a post about bullies and how some authors think that giving a one star rating is bullying the author. I think this post says it all, that as an author, you have to take the good with the bad. As stated, not everyone is going to love your work. Thanks so much for this and a chance to win :)

  2. Thank you for your thoughtful sharing with us Lori. I have been writing reviews and it may be the easy way out, but I have personally decided not to write a review for a book I do not enjoy. First off reading is so subjective that what I do not care for the person next to me might love and why should I kill their possible buzz. Secondly why promote something I do not care for and if I find do not care for a read I have been asked to review, I think it is appropriate to send a note to the author thanking them for the opportunity, but let them know it was just not a read for me. Life is too short for the negative and I want to laugh and have fun with with books and following of those that share their talents with me. I know a lot of reviewers who will take the time to share a read they did not care for and have read very tasteful reviews by them and I envy their ability and congratulate them on their graciousness. Me I just want to share fun ;=D

  3. Firstly, thanks for have this little giveaway! Second i have a question, which is what is your favorite part of the writing process?


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