Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I am featured on Book Promotion.com!

Good evening everyone! ^__^ I have some really cool news to share with you all... well at least it's cool for me. I was asked my Lori Culwell who is the author of the book "The Dirt" (as well as many other amazing books) to be featured on her site: www.bookpromotion.com.  Lori did a interview with me and asked bunch of great questions having to do with my blog, book queries, my review policy/guidelines, and how I react or handle the good, bad and the ugly. Some examples are: 
  • Do you respond to “generic” type emails?
  • Generally, are the queries you receive good, or do some of them make you wonder why/ how that person wrote a book in the first place?
and so on... If you want to see all of my answers please come check it out: --> HERE <--

Thank you, Lori! I had a blast!  Also for those of my readers who are interested in who Lori Culwell is and more about her books, come check on my review on her recent novel The Dirt
Like my review? You want a chance to win this book signed? Then stop by later this week for an awesome giveaway!! (there will also be a surprise thrown in) 

Thank you all for reading this post and sharing my good news with me. I hope everyone has a nice night ( or morning. ^_^ ). Chow.

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