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I am featured on Book Promotion.com!

Good evening everyone! ^__^ I have some really cool news to share with you all... well at least it's cool for me. I was asked my Lori Culwell who is the author of the book "The Dirt" (as well as many other amazing books) to be featured on her site: www.bookpromotion.com.  Lori did a interview with me and asked bunch of great questions having to do with my blog, book queries, my review policy/guidelines, and how I react or handle the good, bad and the ugly. Some examples are: 
  • Do you respond to “generic” type emails?
  • Generally, are the queries you receive good, or do some of them make you wonder why/ how that person wrote a book in the first place?
and so on... If you want to see all of my answers please come check it out: --> HERE <--

Thank you, Lori! I had a blast!  Also for those of my readers who are interested in who Lori Culwell is and more about her books, come check on my review on her recent novel The Dirt
Like my review? You want a chance to win this book signed? Then stop by later this week for an awesome giveaway!! (there will also be a surprise thrown in) 

Thank you all for reading this post and sharing my good news with me. I hope everyone has a nice night ( or morning. ^_^ ). Chow.

Lucy in the Sky by John Vorhaus [Guest Post + Giveaway]

Hello everyone! Today I have the pleasure to introduce you all to a great guy, Author John Vorhaus. He wrote Lucy in the Sky which is a YA coming-of-age story. John is here today to share with my readers a guest post he has wrote and to giveaway a few copies of his book. So let's get started and thank you for reading. ^__^

Lucy in the Sky
by John Vorhaus

A coming-of-age tale set in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1969, Lucy in the Sky lightly touches on such weighty issues as the meaning of life, the purpose of art and the existence of God. For those interested in answers to The Big Questions or just keen to revisit a simpler time, Lucy in the Sky promises a fun and compelling trip – and that’s trip in every sense of the word. Gene Steen is an earnest, intelligent, truth-seeking teen stuck in the cultural wasteland of his suburban home. He wants to be a hippie in the worst way, but hippies are scarce on the ground in the forlorn Midwest of Gene’s 15th year. Then, propitiously on the Summer Solstice, his life is turned upside down by the arrival of his lively, lovely, long-lost cousin Lucy. She’s hip beyond Gene’s wildest dreams and immediately takes him under her wing. Lucy teaches Gene that being a hippie isn’t about love beads and peace signs, but about the choices you make and the stands you take. Yet for all her airy insights into religion, philosophy and “the isness of it all,” Lucy harbors dark secrets – secrets that will soon put her on the run, with Gene by her side. Lucy in the Sky resonates of such classics as Summer of ’42 and Zen in the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, and invites the reader into a richly detailed vision of the ‘60s, as realized by Vorhaus’s sure-handed prose and authentic sense of place and time. With frank talk about sex and drugs, Vorhaus pulls no punches about the realities of the era, yet delivers an uplifting message about personal power and the path to enlightenment. A rewarding read for young seekers and old geezers alike.
BUY LINKS:  Amazon | B&N 

Can YA Be Frank?
By John Vorhaus

I’ve just written my first young adult novel, called Lucy in the Sky, a coming-of-age tale set in Milwaukee in 1969. Our hero, Gene, is a fifteen-year-old boy who wants to be a hippie in the worst way, and during a few weeks of that watershed summer, his wish comes true in unexpected ways with surprising results. Now, since this book is set in 1969, and since the protagonist is a very honest and forthright teenage boy, I knew that in the book I would have to confront two significant issues, namely…


And drugs.

As you know, the social context of these things was very different in 1969 from what it is today. When, for example, Gene sees a girl not wearing a bra, he becomes predictably excited, and predictably, uh, male in his perspective. Is this a problem? Well, kinda. I don’t want to lead readers into waters more turbulent than they’re prepared to handle, and I certainly don’t want to reinforce sexual stereotypes or gender objectification, but it’s undeniable that these attitudes were rife in 1969, and I can’t be true to the period (and therefore true to the character and story) if I don’t “tell it like it is.” I seek not to offend, but only to inform. I can’t know for sure that I’ve hit the target; I can only hope and trust.

At least one reviewer tells me I’ve gotten it right: “Gene is a horny teen so there is talk of certain body parts and woodies. As the story progresses there is sex, drug usage, and mentions of violent anti-war activism… However, none of it felt gratuitous and our beloved Gene is a good guy through it all.” I’m thrilled that that reader saw what I was driving at; however, it might not always be that way. Especially when we get to drugs.

Folks, in 1969, kids smoked pot. Adventurous ones dropped acid. These were the social norms. Those norms are very different today, and I would hate for impressionable young readers to take away from my book the message that, “Drugs are cool and you should do some right away.” On the other hand – again in the name of being true to the world of my story – I can’t apply 21st century mores to 1960s characters. It wouldn’t make sense and it would feel like a cheat – like a writer playing it too safe. So in order to tell the story honestly, I had to go to an authentic, though not necessarily socially acceptable, place.

Can I get away with this? Is it allowed? Hey, in The Hunger Games, young people kill one
another all over the place, and no one is suggesting that this is an ethos that our own young readers should adopt. I’m being flip, I know, but behind the joke lies what I think is an essential truth of the writer’s experience. If our motives are pure, if we seek to uplift the human condition (as I do), then we can be forgiven for telling a jarring truth or two.

I’m playing for fairly high stakes in Lucy. I desire nothing less than the transformation of young readers’ souls: I would have them understand that being a hippie, or exercising any other sort of personal freedom and personal responsibility, is about the choices you make and the stands you take. In service of that goal, I decided to pull no punches with my storytelling, and to refrain from a social stance that would be common and acceptable today, but jarringly strange and inappropriate to the Age of Aquarius.

So, no, I don’t think you need to warn young readers away from this book. Some will find
it challenging. Others will find it uplifting. All, I hope, will find it a respectful tale, honestly
told, of a boy for whom sex and drugs are only two tools (among many, including art, religion, meditation and motorcycles) that he uses to deepen his understanding of himself and his place in the world.

Of course I invite you to judge for yourself. Sample chapters are available at www.tinyurl.com/Lucy1969. If you have thoughts on this subject (before or after visiting Gene’s world), I invite your comments at johnvorhaus@yahoo.com.

Thank you John for this very unique and honest guest post.

Find John @ Website | Blog | Twitter

John Vorhaus is known to one and all as the man who brought Radar Hoverlander – con artist extraordinaire – to life in the “sunshine noir” mystery novel, The California Roll, and its acclaimed sequel, The Albuquerque Turkey.
John is also well known as the author of The Comic Toolbox: How to be Funny Even if You're Not, and its acclaimed sequel, The Little Book of SITCOM, which continue to be definitive sources of information and inspiration for writers from Santa Monica to Scandinavia.
An international consultant in television and film script development, Vorhaus has worked for television networks, film schools, production companies and film funding bodies in 28 countries on four continents. He recently worked in Bulgaria, recruiting and training writers for that country’s adaptation of Married… with Children, and in Tel Aviv, consulting on the Israeli version of The Golden Girls. He also travels regularly to Nicaragua, where he co-created the social action drama Contracorriente to provide positive role modeling for the poor, young and disenfranchised of that embattled country. And oh by the way, he has written more than three million words on poker, just in his spare time.
Vorhaus is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University and a member of the Writers Guild of America. He has taught at such institutions as Northwestern University, the American Film Institute and the Writers Program of the UCLA Extension. He is the author of a dozen books, including Creativity Rules! A Writer's Workbook, the novel Under the Gun, the Killer Poker series and, with Annie Duke, the bestselling Decide to Play Great Poker.

 Thank you all for reading. John has offered to giveaway 5 ebook copies of Lucy in the Sky.
Your choice of format. There will be 5 winners. To enter use the rafflecopter form before:

Ends August 8th.

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Book Tour: Sovereign Hope by Frankie Rose | Author Interview + Giveaway!

Hello everyone! *waves* Today, I am taking part in a wonderful book blog tour for author Frankie Rose and her newest novel Sovereign Hope. I have worked with Frankie and today I will be sharing a author interview with her. A great way to get to know her and all about Sovereign Hope. I must say this book sounds amazing and I am looking forward to reading it. Are you? Well I hope so because there will be a giveaway for a free copy. For a chance to win keep reading. 

Sovereign Hope
by Frankie Rose
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

Everyone has a soul
Some are just worth more than others
Farley Hope was seventeen when her mother disappeared. In the last six months not much has changed, except that her eighteenth birthday came and went and still no sign of Moira. Her life is just as complicated as it always was. Since her father died in a car crash before she was even born, she’s officially parentless, and to top it all off she’s still suffering from the hallucinations. Mind-splitting, vivid hallucinations- the kind prone to induce night terrors and leave you whimpering under your covers like a baby.
The last thing on her mind is boys. Farley is on break from St. Judes’ when she meets Daniel. It’s not some casual run in at a party, or even a blind date with friends, though. Daniel is the guy following her in his 1970′s Dodge Charger; the guy standing at her window in the LA lunch hour traffic, trying to persuade her to leave everything behind and follow him. And he's hot as all hell.
The moment Farley lays eyes on Daniel, everything changes. He is cold and withdrawn, but there are cracks in his harsh veneer- cracks that betray the secrets he is trying so hard to hide. Farley is drawn into a world that will shake apart everything she thought she ever knew. There are truths out there that she must learn: that a person’s soul is their only real currency, and there are people who would do anything to take hers; that loving someone can hurt so much more than hating them; but, most importantly, when your future is predestined, there is little you can do to change it.
Farley Hope is prophesied.
Her coming has been awaited for hundreds of years.
She is destined to end the tyranny of the Soul Reavers.
To do so she must die.
Author & Book Info: Goodreads|Website|Facebook|Twitter|Amazon

Sovereign Hope Book Trailer:

Hi Frankie! Thank you for being here today.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? 

My name is Frankie Rose and I write Young Adult Paranormal Romance. I was born and raised in the UK, but I've spent the last while travelling around, and I relocated permanently to Australia nearly three years ago now. Sovereign Hope is the first in the Hope Series, and the second instalment, Eternal Hope, will be coming out at the end of October!

What or who was your inspiration for Sovereign Hope?

I've been asked that question a lot recently, and I find it really hard to answer to be honest. I wanted to make Sovereign Hope totally individual, so I tried to create it from scratch, which was pretty difficult. I think I took more inspiration for the atmosphere of the book and the way I chose to write more than for anything relating to the storyline. My favourite writers have coloured my canvas, as it does with almost all authors; I also take a lot of inspiration from artwork, and the amazing ceramicist and painter, Mitsuo Shoji, really gave me a boost here and there. I love his Moon series of paintings. They're incredibly dark and ethereal, and utterly beautiful.  

Do you have a favorite scene or character from your book? 

My favourite scene from Sovereign Hope was the car chase about two thirds of the way in. Farley got to be feisty, and you see a bit more of Daniel's protective side, plus his kick ass powers. 

Daniel has to be my favourite character to write. There's a whole heap of reasons why, but mostly it's because he's not always likeable. He's nowhere near perfect- he keeps secrets sometimes and he can be positively rude when the mood takes him. But equally there's a troubled, sensitive side to him that I loved developing, and giving him all of these qualities was really important to me. I was sick of reading about these love sick guys that were so saccharine sweet, and I wanted to create a character who had a bit of depth and realism to them.

Where do you do your writing? Is there anything you need to have with you while you write?

I do my writing in my office at home. There's nothing that I need to have with me really, unless you count the heater that I have under my desk. I am permanently cold, so that's either on or I've got a big blanket to keep me warm. You'd think Australia would be hot year round, but you'd be wrong. It is seriously cold in winter- almost like the UK- and I hate the cold!

Do you prefer to write or read in your free time?

A bit of both, I guess. I have to give myself enforced breaks so I'm not writing every second of the day. That's when I like to read. We have a TV at home but it's not hooked up to the cable, otherwise I would never get anything done at all. I will literally watch any old crap, so it would be too dangerous. DVDs are great, but you can't beat an amazing book. I'l read before i go to bed, but there are times when I'll have to write in bed too, when something comes to me. I know it'll haunt me and I won't be able to sleep if I don't get it out.

What is your favorite book of all time and why?

My favourite book changes too dramatically from day to day to have an all-time pick. Can I cheat? I think right now my favourite reads would have to be George R R Martin's series, A Song of Ice and Fire. I just love how all the characters are so complex and even the 'bad guys' have redeeming qualities. He keeps you guessing from one page to the next, although he does have a penchant for killing off important characters. That's brave, but it works really well for him. 

Reading a print novel or ecopy?

I used to be 100% print copy, but I started reading ebooks at night so I didn't need to keep the light on when my husband wanted to go to sleep, and now I'm hooked. I have to say, though, if there's an ebook that I really enjoy, I have to buy it in print so I can keep it on a shelf. There's something so special about owning the physical book. Books are really something that I treasure, and I will continue to buy them until I have no more room left in my house. Probably long after then, too.   

What's your idea of a perfect day?

Huh...I think getting a whole bucket load of work done that I'm happy would get me half way there. There would need to be some time down at the beach and then probably skiing in the afternoon! Only in this country is that possible, I think. There would just be a very long drive in between activities, and the water might not be all that warm, but it would be do-able. I would have to have my husband with me, and there would definitely be a lot of chocolate involved. 

What are your plans for the future? Any other awesome ideas for books that you can share with us?

Eternal Hope comes out at the end of October, and then the subsequent books, Lost Hope and Last Hope come out at the end of 2012 and early in the new year, 2013 respectively. I also have a contemporary romance coming out at around the same time as Eternal Hope, possibly even sooner, depending on how organised I can get myself. That book is set in New York, and follows the story of a young woman heading to college, trying to escape from the horrors of her past, when her father was responsible for the killings of three random men in small town Idaho. Trying to start a new life is almost impossible for her when she reconnects reconnects with the cop who found her father. She tries to fight her attraction towards him, knowing that if she falls in love with him she'll never be able to leave the person that she used to be behind. 

Aside from those works, I have a dystopian YA standalone book coming out as well, which I am really excited about. That one is based around a society of knife fighters, and was something really new for me. I experimented a lot with the story and the characters, and also with the way I wrote it. Hopefully it paid off!!

Do you have any closing thoughts or final remarks you’d like to share with my readers?

I'd just like to say a big thank you to all of the people out there buying Sovereign Hope, and all the people who have enjoyed it and supported me through this journey! It's been so completely rewarding, and I can't wait for you guys to read more. A big thank you to you, Beckie, for having me here today. Hopefully you'll have be back again! 

Your most welcome, Frankie! :) 

Yayness! Giveaway Time! Frankie has offered my readers a free ecopy of her book, Sovereign Hope. One lucky winner will have the chance to win and I must say from the looks of it this book is going to be just crazy awesomesauce! 
Thank you for reading and the giveaway is open to everyone.

Please use the rafflecopter form to enter:

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Book Blog Tour: Heirs of Prophecy by Michael Rothman [ Guest Post + Giveaway! ]

Hello my lovelies and welcome to the Kismet Book Tour for Heirs of Prophecy by Michael RothmanToday it my stop on this wonderful tour and I am super excited to bring to you all a author guest post from Michael, info about his books, and a wicked cool giveaway for a Kindle!! So sit back and relax your about to dive into a world of Fantasy. Enjoy the ride! 

For more info about both books and the tour: Click here

To start off the tour I present you with a cool book trailer for Heir of Prophecy.

Heirs of Prophecy
by Michael A. Rothman

The Riverton family had been enjoying a simple summer vacation when, through a fluke of nature, they found themselves in a strange new land.The Riverton brothers quickly realize that in this world, they have gained unusual powers. Powers that their parents fear will attract the attention of Azazel himself – the merciless wizard who brutally controls this world.The two brothers soon learn that an ancient prophecy has finally been initiated by their arrival in Trimoria. As the heirs of this prophecy, they are destined to lead the armies of men, dwarves, elves, and even a misfit ogre against the prophesied demon horde.Only one thing stands in their way.The evil wizard who has learned of their presence, and has sent assassins to wipe them from existence.
Heirs of Prophecy BUY LINKSAmazon | IndieBound | B&N 

Tools of Prophecy
by Michael A. Rothman

The TOOLS OF PROPHECY is the second volume in an epic saga which describes a prophecy that has placed the Riverton brothers in the lead roles of a struggle to save their world from being overrun by unspeakable horrors. This destiny requires that they face off with the demons that nearly destroyed their world over five centuries ago.In the first book, the population of wizards had been practically eradicated by the former tyrant. The Rivertons are now charged with creating an Academy of Magic, recruiting qualified students, and furthering their own training with secrets that have long been held by the reclusive elves. Despite their youth, a mysterious spirit has engaged them in an epic struggle to gain mastery of their newfound skills, help raise and train two armies, and stay alive long enough for their final showdown with destiny.The only things that stand in their way are the assassins hired to destroy them and the Demon Lord’s minion who holds a personal grudge and intends to witness the young boys’ deaths.
Tools of Prophecy BUY LINKS: Amazon EbookB&NAmazon HardcoverAmazon Paperback

Book Trailer: Tools of Prophecy

What is the perfect day for you and what would you do? And Why?

I would think that one of the most perfect days for me is spending time with the wife and kids without the intrusions of the world, nor the quixotic nature of moods or hormones or other extraneous things that influence how we act. You can picture it, can’t you?

Imagine the day starts off with us going to Disney World, and by some miracle, there is practically nobody there. All the lines are gone, we have no waiting for anything, and we fly through the park at breakneck speed enjoying ourselves thoroughly. Note – I am ignoring the aching feet or the distances between rides and parks.

Or imagine we wanted to visit a foreign land, and instead of the heinous 16 hour flights to Brisbane, we step into a teleporting device and with a snap of a finger and a few sparks, we step out into the land of Koalas and cockatoos. Note – I am ignoring its also the land of the most venomous creatures around, has some food of a questionable nature (e.g. vegemite), and the water swirls in the wrong direction (look up the Coriolis effect).

Maybe we wanted to go fishing, and we chartered a boat, and anything we set our minds for, we managed to catch, whether that was Lingcod, Red Snapper, Halibut, etc. I will knowingly ignore the likelihood of motion sickness for some, or that the activity is called fishing, and certainly not considered, “catching”.

So what would the perfect day be and what would we do?

Taking my family, so we could go to a Disney park in Brisbane (doesn’t exist), and go fishing in their blue lagoon for the random fish that they have in there. Okay, okay...so maybe I am cheating and instead I’ll say that a carefree jaunt to Disney World would be great with my family if the crowds were extremely limited.

Thank you, Michael. Great post and I love your idea of your perfect day. 

About Michael Rothman - 
I am an Army brat and the first person in my family to be born in the United States. This heavily influenced my youth by instilling a love of reading and a burning curiosity about the world and all of the things within it. As an adult, my love of travel allowed me to explore many unimaginable locations. I participated in many adventures and documented them in what will be a series of books, the first of which you have just read. Some might put these books in the Fantasy genre, and I never had issues with this label. After all, the adventures were, without any doubt in my mind, fantastic. I simply quibble with the label of "Fiction" that some might put on these tales. These tales should be viewed as historical records, more along the lines of a documentary.I've learned one thing over the years. Magic is real. Keep exploring, and you too will find your magic.

WHOOT! Time for the Giveaway! Michael has so graciously offered USA/Canada readers a chance to win a KINDLE skinned in gorgeous Heirs of Prophecy cover art (seen below). 
To enter please use the rafflecopter form below: 

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Book Review: Family Matters by Kathleen McKenna

Title: Family Matters
Author: Kathleen McKenna
Number of Pages: 306
Published: Published May 5, 2012
Source: Author (paperback)
Genre: Crime > Horror
Reading Level: Adult
Star Rating: ★★★
Goodreads | Purchase

Charles Manson and Susan Atkins ... Can the living haunt the living? Although a fiction, 'Family Matters' is based on a series of actual interviews that took place between Susan Atkins and the author, Kathleen McKenna, during which some seriously eerie and disturbing incidents occurred, and on correspondence with Charles Manson whose first e-mail opened with, 'You are a f … ing idiot if you think I am the most dangerous man alive and Dick Cheney has been your Vice-President for 8 years.” While Ms. McKenna found Charles Manson 'unknowable and frightening', yet also charismatic, charming and witty, Susan Atkins, whom she met face-to-face on several occasions, came across as so terrifying as to suggest being in the presence of evil incarnate, with the apparent power to harness unnerving supernatural forces … and Ms. McKenna has worked alongside a Homicide Division for 21 years and has routinely encountered the most violent of murderers. The story … When Izzy Stanley, an ambitious TV broadcaster, hears that Susan Atkins has petitioned to be released from prison to be allowed to die peacefully at home, she cannot resist making the wise-crack on air that Susan Atkins' petition is only fair as she herself helped Sharon Tate to die peacefully at home in her turn. Her impromptu remark inevitably provokes a tumultuous response, and prompts Susan Atkins herself to demand to see her to explain her perspective now that she has found God, which seems like the journalistic coup of the century. Even better, Izzy suddenly realizes that she herself bears an uncanny resemblance to Susan Atkins' victim, Sharon Tate, a stroke of luck she fully intends to exploit to the full. Then she starts having dreams in which she is Sharon Tate on that fateful night. The thing is, though, they don't really feel like dreams ….

 My Review: I have previously worked with author, Kathleen McKenna and loved her first novel The Wedding Gift. So I am so super excited when I heard she about Family Matters. I am sure that most of you know the stories of The Manson Family and the brutal killing involved. Family Matters is written surrounding the stories of Charles Manson and Susan Atkins. While the book is purely fictions some events and people are real. With that said, on with the review...

First things first, this book scared the bejesus out of me. From the first page I was sucked into the story and into Izzys world. Izzy is a TV broadcaster, married to the man of her dreams, Ethan and loves her work but wishes to move up into her field. When she does a news piece about Susan Atkins and puts her own twist at the end of her broadcast she never thought it would lead to Susan herself to request a personal interview with her. Izzy is less than thrilled but agrees to do it in hopes that will boost her career. Wow, was she ever more wrong because right away Susan and Izzy did not get along. So after as discourteous and creepy interview, Izzy is left angry, threatened and yes, scared shi*less. Little does she know things are about to get really, REALLY bad. Izzy begins to sense a presents around her and objects begin to move around by themselves...she also hears the taunting voice of Susan Atkins. No one believes what she has heard and seen, not even her husband. Ethan seems to only care about pushing Izzy to bear a child for him. So when she does get pregnant that is when things really start to turn horrifying....but to find out what happes you will have to read, Family Matters for yourself.

I must say I really enjoyed the book, the characters where quite engaging. I loved Izzys personality and how she dealt with being so scared. She is definitely a kick-ass gal and was always true to herself. I didn't want to put the book down. The plot was brilliantly composed and entertaining. Kathleen really knows her Mansons and has no problems portraying Susan and Charles perfectly. The book had such a real factor, and I think that's what makes it so scary. While I myself have never read all that much about the details surrounding the The Manson Family murders, this book was a real eye opener and really does seem to take the reader into their world. 
Final Thought: So just remember one thing.... "When you visit Susan Atkins and Charles Manson...Know ONE thing. They are going to visit you back!" 

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Giveaway Winners! Fractured Light + White Lines

Thank you so much to everyone who entered the the following Giveaway:

Fractured Light - ecopy
White Lines - ARC paperback copy

There was such a amazing turn out! :) Thank you all for entering and following my blog. You guys ROCK!

So without futher ado.... The Winners!!

Winner of a ecopy of Fractured Light is: 

Winner of the ARC White Lines is:
Kristie Matheson

I will e-mail each of you shortly and you should be getting your prize soon. 
Thank you again to everyone who entered. You guys are the best!

Author Guest Post w/ Sara Dailey and Staci Weber | YA Paranormal Romance: Pack of Lies

Hello my darlings. Today I will be sharing with you all a wonderful guest post from authors Sara Dailey and Staci Weber. They have co-wrote the "Pack of Lies" which is a Young Adult paranormal romance novel. Along with their guest post I will be sharing info about the book as well as the authors themselves.

I don't know about you but I love learning about new and upcoming books and Pack of Lies sounds delightful. A mix of romance, shapeshifters, and werewolves. Oh My! 

I hope my readers will enjoy this post and learning about Pack Of Lies.

Pack of Lies
by Sara Dailey and Staci Weber

The last thing Allison Wright ever expected when she moved to Red Ridge, New Mexico was to come muzzle to muzzle with the wolf of her dreams.
Seventeen-year-old Allison Wright is convinced she’s losing her mind. Uncontrollable mood swings, hot flashes, and the urge to punch anyone who gets in her way are suddenly becoming everyday occurrences. Before her erratic behavior gets out of hand, Allison’s mother finally comes clean about her dark secret. Mom is a werewolf, and soon Allison and her brother Aiden will suffer the same fate. When Allison reaches her breaking point, the family leaves their life in Texas to move to Red Ridge, New Mexico where they rejoin the pack that Allison’s mother left behind almost 20 years ago.
Unfortunately, not everyone in Red Ridge is thrilled about Allison’s arrival, especially when she attracts the attention of the very handsome, very taken, soon-to-be alpha, Cade Walker. Little does Allison know, her mere presence is causing a rift in a once unified pack. Not only has Cade been forbidden from being with Allison by his father, the pack’s alpha, Cade’s girlfriend, Kendall Stuart, will stop at nothing to get Allison out of the picture. Well on her way to becoming the next alpha’s mate, Kendall expects to rule the pack by Cade’s side even if it means teaming up with a rogue werewolf with an agenda of his own. Determined to get rid of Allison permanently, when Kendall and the rogue join forces, all hell breaks loose and no one in the pack is safe, especially not Cade and his true mate.
Purchase Pack of Lies: --> Boroughs Publishing Group 

Sara Dailey & Staci Weber – Our Favorite Place to Write

Thank you so much for letting us stop by the blog and tell you all about our favorite place to write. Let’s see if you can guess it. It’s cold most of the time; it smells divine, and it full of colorful, wide-awake people. Give up? We always meet at our local Starbucks.

There is just something about the energy of a Starbucks that gets the creative juices flowing (or maybe it’s just all the caffeine). We tried writing at other places in the beginning, but we always ended up back at Starbucks. It wasn’t long before we were considered “regulars.” We knew everyone and everyone knew us. There were days where we didn’t get much done because of that. Our first two novels were entirely written there. Of course edits and rewrites and stuff like that were typically done on our own, but nearly all the writing was there.

We both have very busy lives, like all moms, so most of the time our homes are not the most calm and quiet places to write. Starbucks is not necessarily quiet, but no one yells out, “Mom, can I have a pickle?” Let me tell you, the image of a seven year old with a giant pickle jar kind of ruins the flow. It is much easier for both of us to schedule time away from our loved ones to write.

Meeting and writing outside our homes also gives us time to catch up with each other. We get to sit back, enjoy a black tea latte or a shaken black tea (depending on the weather), and write. Who could ask for more?

Thank you Sara and Staci! 
BTW, I so cracked up about the pickle part. hehe =D

Both Sara Dailey and Staci Weber are avid readers, English teachers, friends, wives, and soccer moms. They have been teaching together for the past eight years, and writing together for four. Pack of Lies is the second young adult novel for this duo and they are hard at work finishing the next book in the Red Ridge Pack series; the expected publication date is September 2012. 
Find Sara and Staci @ 

Thank you Sara and Staci for the lovely guest post and to everyone who read this post to learn more about Pack of Lies. 
Happy Reading!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

In My Mailbox (#26) + Stacking The Shelves (#3)

A weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren, where we post about all the books we have received whether in the mail, if we purchased it, or got it from our local library.
Stacking The Shelves (hosted by Tynga's Reviews) is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course ebooks!

Books I have received for Review: 

White Lines by Jennifer Banash (ARC) Thank you Penguin USA

Books I have bought: 

Books I have borrowed from the library: 

Books/Swag I have won:
Once by Anna Carey (ARC) 
Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne (ARC)
Ten Things We Did by Sarah Mlynowski
Dreamless by Josephine Angelini (ARC)
Team Human by Justine Larbalestier & Sarah Rees Brennan

Thank you goes to Bailey @ IB Book Blogging, Amanda @ Stuck in YA books, Epic Reads, Teen Shiver, and HarperTeen

What's in your mailbox this week? 


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