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Book Tour: Ember by Madison Daniels [Author Guest Post]

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Hello my wonderful readers and welcome to my stop on the Ember by Madison Daniel book tour. I hope everyone will enjoy learning more about this amazing novel. Thank you for stopping by. 

By Madison Daniel

~Book One in the Ember Series~

A touch of fire.
A soul lost to darkness.
A longing to change the past.

Max Valentine is 18, alone and has the power of a thousand suns at his fingertips. The crush of love will haunt him. The promise of normalcy will elude him. With a song in his heart and a guitar in his hand he will discover the painful truth... never dies but it can kill.

Prologue: Nightmares

~Stop Crying Your Heart Out: Oasis~

“Hold on.”

“Hold on. Don’t be scared.”

Please don’t let go. The pain is dizzying. Just do not let go of her. This is my
fault, I’m sure of that now. Look her in the eyes and don’t let go of her. Whatever
happens, don’t let her be scared. Be stronger, for her.
Nothing else matters now. Not the pain. Not my mistake. Not the taste of blood
in my throat. Not the smell of ash all around us. All that matters is her…just her. Hold
“Hold on a little longer!” I scream. I’m starting to panic. Stop it! You know what
happens when you panic. I have to calm down. Just breathe. Stay calm. Do it now, for
“Max I’m slipping!” she screams.
“No! I won’t let it happen!” I say focused. But she was right. I was losing her.
I’m heating up again. Try harder and focus.
“Help me Max! My hands hurt…it burns! Help me! Please!” she cries louder. I’m so dizzy now. It’s too hot. I’m too hot now. I can’t hold her. She slips away and my heart breaks.
“Noooooooo!!!” she wails but her voice sounds so far away now.

Slow motion again. The dark pulls at the sides of my eyes and they burn something awful. Fight it. Fight the darkness. I reach out in front of me as far as I can. My eyes burn and I cannot see through my tears. But I can still see the look of terror on her face. I can still see her tears and her burnt and broken hands.
“Please no!” I beg. The world grows heavy.
“Don’t go…don’t go away…” Now I was screaming. She falls away.

I fade away…blackness. 
~ Only Happy When It Rains ~

“Pour your misery down on me...” - Garbage

Sometimes the best a dark one.

My name is Madison Daniel and I write the Ember series. In my series there is the constant shadowing of dark over light. The fight for a new dawn, a new day. I’ve found that when looking for inspiration in my writing, the darkness can be a powerful motivator. Why is that? Because you cannot have the light without the dark. 

Angels fall...heroes die...tomorrow can hurt AND our stories are better because of it. Lets be honest, there isn’t a writer out there that doesn’t enjoy writing “the bad guy” more than their beloved protagonist. Some will not admit it but it is true. Our anti-heroes let us experience a form of writing freedom and we love that! The darker your dilemma, the more devastating your environment, the more evil your “big bad” IS, the brighter your hero or heroine will shine.

Call me wicked but I adore my “evil doers”...they are so fun to inhabit. So absolutely cathartic. Bad day at work? Use it. Fight with someone you love/hate? Channel it. Let that horrible character in your latest manuscript free. Abuse his or hers evilness. Do it with a smile. That way, when it is time for your “literary light” to will burn that much hotter.

On that rare occasion, the hero/heroine IS the “big bad”...the darkness. This has been a new writing challenge for me. I have just recently discovered the absolute joy of penning this phenomenon. I was recently asked to share in an anthology of timeless and foreboding love stories. I had to follow one rule...keep it dark. So, I searched my extensive library of music and found the darkest of the dark playlists. As the many different “moody serenades” filled my head, I wrote on. Little did I know it would unleash a storm inside me. A new muse so dominate, so passionate, that I am still haunted by her. She started as the brightest of lights but quickly became something much more devilish. My evil literary crush! This hurricane is named “Neve” and I will be unleashing her on the literary world soon. You’ve been warned.

Don’t get me wrong...the heroic he-men and the heavenly angels are a blast to write too! Experiencing their trials against “the worst of things” will always be the main reason we lose ourselves in a good book or great series. I just wanted to point the spotlight on the “shadows” for a quick glimpse. 

As my guest blog comes to an end, I’d like to leave you with this...

...don’t be afraid of the DARK.

Embrace it. 


“I only smile in the dark...” 
Music is LIFE and the written word is our SOUL. Music and writing have been my true ambition since I was a child. I have used music in every form possible; writing it, performing it, healing with it, etc. I call it my "life's soundtrack." I have always written in some form, from comic books to screenplays to short stories and now the new series "Ember." I have spent my writing life inspired by all the music of the universe, 80's movies and eye candy. When not writing I enjoy dreaming out loud, challenging the real world and inspiring the ones I love. I have found a true passion for my stories and characters and am eager to share them with the world. See you on the next book tour...M.D.

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read more about Author Madison Daniel's new novel, Ember. Be sure to add the book to your TBR List. I know I have and I adore the cover of the book. Isn't is awesome? 
Have a wonderful weekend everyone and Thank you Madison Daniel for the lovely guest-post. :)


Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my post, I really appreciate it. :) Feel free to leave a comment below, I love reading them and I always try to visit everyone back. *MUAH*


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