Thursday, December 22, 2011

{Short & Sweet Reviews:} Penelope and The Christmas Spirit by Ronald D. Voigts

Hello everyone! So I am going to start something new here @Bittersweet Enchantment and I hope you all will enjoy it. I love doing book reviews for authors and other books I have read over the course of the year but sometimes I am not in the mood to write a whole long thought out review. I decided I would do a short and sweet review for some types of books: ex. novella, novelette, short stories, or poems as so on. This was I can still tell others about how I liked the book and do a review but a lot shorter than a normal full blown review that I am used to. Make sense? Good, so I am going to start today with a short story based on the Penelope Amour Mysteries series written by my Dad, Ron D. Voigts.  Enjoy!

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Never having experienced Christmas, twelve-year-old Penelope finally gets her wish when her parents decide to celebrate it as part of her home-schooling education. Traditions become murky as her parents improvise curious ways to observe the holiday.

To make things weirder, a moving van arrives at the old Compton house down the road and delivers a fully decorated Christmas tree, an arm chair and a lamp, and nothing else. Penelope sets out to discover who lives in the old house and why they only own those three items. 

As the holidays progress she gets a unique experience that she will remember for a lifetime.

This short story is the prequel to PENELOPE AND THE BIRTHDAY CURSE and is sure to delight children and adults alike. After reading this, Christmas will never be the same.

If your looking for a fun, light read packed with mystery for this Christmas season then this is the book for you. I do think this book would be a very fun read for Children and adults alike. Penelope is has a Nancy Drew thing going for her. She adores looking for a new mystery to solve. Although this book is short it is certainly not lacking in character. Such a heartwarming and fun read. I love that it fit into this holiday season and makes me want to read more of Penelope's Amour

I would definitely recommend this book to all ages and gave it a five star rating. 


  1. I just started a project to read books with heroines named Penelope! I'm so glad I saw this review....I'm adding this book to my TBR pile. Thanks!


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