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Rising Moon Blog Tour // Author Guest Post - Nilsa Rodriguez

Hey friends! Today's my stop for The Rising Moon blog tour! I have asked Nilsa Rodriguez to share with us about the main character's love interest's POV in her book, The Rising Moon. Nilsa has wrote her author guest post to be shared here @Bittersweet Enchantment. But before I go ahead with that I am going to leave my readers with info about The Rising Moon and where you can buy her new book. 

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Book Info:

How many lives do you have to live to realize that love is stronger than time and death? 


Orphaned at the age of five, Angelia (Lia) Lafosse was left with questions about whom and what she truly was. One thing was clear. Lia was different. Some might even say cursed. 

With the help of her best friend, Ryan Woodruff, she begins to unlock the secrets of her families past and discover answers that prove more startling than she ever imagined. Not only was she a werewolf, but a reincarnation of the immortal werewolf, a werewolf with immense powers beyond any of her kind. A werewolf that if discovered by the Lobison’s to have returned, can jeopardize both Lia and those she love. 

As destiny finds her love does too…and they couldn’t be more different. Torn between Lyle Ulric, the charming werewolf whose bloodline is as ancient and powerful as her own. And Adam Ambrose, the mysterious and alluring vampire who’s determined not to allow fate or anyone tear their love apart again. 

Lia has to make a choice… Destiny or Love…Run or Fight…Live or Die.

Welcome Nilsa!

Author Guest Post:

Fifteen Things You Should Know About Adam and The Rising Moon
1- Adam is a two hundred year old vampire
2- He's the enemy of the Ulric Family
3- He's In love with Angelia Lafosse
4- He's determined not to lose Angelia again
5- He became a vampire by choice
6- He speaks ten languages
7-He fights for the love of his life…Lia
8-The Rising Moon is based on the legend of the Lobison
9-Vampires, witches, and werewolves
10-A novel about discovery, action and romance
11-A story where werewolves are not second to vampires
12-The Rising Moon takes place in Lander, WY13-Adam and Angelia fight against time and destiny to stay together
14-A story about friendship and trying so hard to be "normal", even when you're different
15-Realizing that what you are is bigger than what you believed you could ever b.


There will be a release date Twitter party taking place on September 12th at 9pm EST. Participants can use the hashtag #TheRisingMoonNovel. There will be multiple giveaways with swag, and sighed paperbacks.

Also, there will be grand prizes to be won for those who leave a comment on one or more of the blog tour stops will have a chance to with a large prize pack containing The Rising Moon stickers, pins, bookmarks, a mirror, and a signed paperback copy, and a dream catcher identical to the one mentioned in the book. The winners will be announced on Nilsa's facebook page:

So be sure to leave a comment on this stop! 

The next stop on The Rising Moon blog tour is:
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  1. The Rising Moon sounds great Beckie. Nilsa thanks for the guest post. Hmmh, super happy that werewolves aren't second to vampires but feel bad for Adam.

    Lia sounds like an interesting heroine.
    Now I want to add to my wishlist.

  2. Great post. These are very 15 good reasons to love the book. Vampires, witches, and werewolves, this book has everything.


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