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--> Book Review: Oriana's Eyes by Celeste Simone <--

Title: Oriana's Eyes
Author: Celeste Simone
Number of Pages: 268
Series: Great Oak Trilogy (#1)
Published: Published February 24th 2010 by iUniverse, Incorporated
URL: click here
Source: Given to read from Author

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As a pure-blood Winglet, Oriana isn't supposed to look at a half-blood much less speak to one. Half-bloods are the lowest of all races at Odon's University, because they are half Winglet and half Finlet. But when a half-blood, Dorian, locks eyes with her in the hallway, Oriana can't help but be intrigued by his daring nature. After sneaking out to the garden in the middle of the night to talk to him, Oriana knows she can't let her feelings go. She fears not following Odon's rules, but the more she sees Dorian the more she wants to break them all. When Oriana's idea of perfection crumbles she seeks a way out of the imprisoning University that threatens not only her happiness, but her very life. Dorian promises he has a plan to take her far away, but Oriana doubts they can escape Odon's all-seeing eye. Oriana isn't sure what she fears more, being stuck in the University or finding out what lies beyond its walls.

My Thoughts: ( I give this book 5 Stars )

Oriana's Eyes is an beautiful written book. At first glance of the cover I was not sure I would like this book but wow was I wrong. Never judge a book by the cover because you could pass up a simply dazzling book. I was so impressed by the authors writing style and the story-line is like no other I have read. A very new and unique plot and I must say I could not put the book down. This book in a new and wonderful take on a dystopian novel set in a fantasy whole. I so fully enjoyed reading a book that was such a new and breath-taking read. Oriana's Eyes is about a young girl who lives in a world that is controlled by a man "Odon". He sees all and knows all. The main appeal in this book as that Oriana and the others in this world are not humans but a species called Winglet's and Finlets. Oriana lives in a university run by Odon along with many other. One day, Oriana meets a boy her age and is very taken by him but she knows he is only a half-blood and she knows not to talk to him. It is not in the rules. After sneaking out to meet him in the garden and pushing aside her conscience which tells her that he is not good - Oriana later is taken by Odon's men and being held against her will. She has been caught and thinks she will be in huge trouble for what she did, going against the rules of Odon. Little does she know that what happens to her leads to her seeing there is a whole new place in her world she has yet discovered outside the university's walls. In this book she will find who her true self is and difference between what she has been taught to believe in and what she truly does. As for the boy she meet, Dorian he shows her that Odon is very evil and is controlling the minds of the whole university. But Dorian as a half-blood has a very huge purpose in which will turn there world around....  ( trying not to give spoilers away).
I so enjoyed this book. It was a amazing, fun and tearful read. I found myself crying at a few parts in the book. A few parts in the book were very emotional and you may need a box a tissue close by. There is also a very special love story in Oriana's Eyes. I adored the friendship and love between Oriana and Dorian. The author has done a wonderful job of fitting the aspect of love and hate, and what is right and wrong so divinely in her book. I feel in love with the whole story-line and the relationships though-out her book. I can definitely say to anyone who loves to read a dystopian book that Oriana's Eyes would blow you away. Thank you Celeste for allowing me to read her novel, such a wonderful book. I adored reading it. 


  1. Great review! I wasn't sure about the cover either but it does sound good from your review. The non human part is original. I'll have to check it out.

    Giselle at Xpresso Reads

  2. Hi! i didn't read this book, but i want to read it!

    If you want to visit mi blog i left you the link:



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