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--> Book Review: Fangs for Nothing by Adrianne Ambrose <--

Title: Fangs for Nothing
Author: Adrianne Ambrose
Number of Pages: 217
Format: PDF (e-book)
Published: Published June 21st 2011 (first published June 3rd 2011)
URL: click here
Source: Given to read from Author

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Goodreads Info:

Grab some garlic and start sharpening your mother's wooden spoons because there are vampires living in the most unlikely of places.

I’ve always wanted to meet a vampire. Not to stake some poor bloodsucker as he sleeps in his coffin or have some sexy vampiress bite me on the neck, but just to see a creature so rare and infamous. What can I say? Some people want to sail to Easter Island, others want to fling themselves out of an airplane, I want to shake hands with a vampire. Well, maybe I should prioritize getting a girlfriend first, but a vampire sighting is pretty high up on the list. Trust me, a lot of kids my age dream about it. Like my two best friends, Rini and Xander. We spent half the summer searching the most notorious cities in the United States for the undead, but so far, no luck.

That’s why it came as a total shock to discover a living, breathing vampire in our hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. (Okay, so he’s more undead and not breathing, but you get the picture.) At first we were kind of excited, but then pretty freaked because it turns out our new fanged friend has a hold on the city's teenage population and a specific thirst for their blood. Which, in a word—bites.

My Thoughts: ( I give this book 4 Stars )

Let me first start out by saying this book was given to me by the author Adrianne Ambrose for my honest review and I was not sure if I would like the book because I am more used to reading vampire books where the vampire falls in love with the heroine. Fangs for Nothing was not one bit like that and it was refreshing and very fun to read from a male POV. The book starts out where Herbie (a very insecure guy) and his friends Xander and Rini are going to different cities and states around the US looking for proof that Vampires do in fact exist. With no such luck they head home back to there normal lives only to find out one night at a party that there is a Vampire living in there home city all along.  So they finally get to see a Vampire in which they were in search for but soon they will find out more than they bargained for. The Vampire, Vincent  has been offering trades to the young teens in Cleveland, Ohio which Vincent calls "The Chosen".  Herbie and his friends find this out and soon fall within Vincent's charms and start to consider his trade. But would you trade a few pints of your blood to be beautiful and loved? You soon find out that Vincent's offer was to good to past up, and one of Herbie's friends is now in trouble. This Vampire needs to be stopped, young teens are turning up dead and this being blamed as a suicide. Well Herbie knows better and is willing to sharpen some wooden spoons, buy tons of garlic and steal some holy water all to save his friend, and in hopes to rid his city of this evil. 

I found this book to be such a fun, humorous, light read. The story-line was exciting, and very enjoyable. At one point in the middle of the book I could not stop laughing. I literally had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. Adrianne gives the reader of her book a fun mystery with great laughs along the way. I am so happy that I was able to read such a great book and found myself really enjoying the light-heartiness of the story-line. Herbie was such a lively character to read about and bring this book a entertaining and unique hero. I would recommend Fangs For Nothing to any age group, it would be a great little read for tween's. On a different note, the only reason I gave the book 4 stars and not the full 5 stars is because I did notices a few spelling errors along the way and a few sentences were a little off which made it a little harder to read. Other than that I really enjoyed this book and look forward to seeing more work from the Author, Adrianne Ambrose. 

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  1. Hi Beckie - Thank you for the lovely review. I'm so glad you enjoyed Fangs for Nothing.


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