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--> Book Review: Paradox "The Angels Are Here" by Patti Roberts <--

Title: Paradox ( The Angels Are Here )
Author: Patti Roberts
Number of Pages: 149
Published: Published June 14th 2011 by 
CreateSpace (first published October 18th 2010)

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I was contacted by Patti Roberts the author of Paradox back in the June and asked to read and review her book "Paradox" The Angels are here. I have seen this book around goodreads and had already added it to my to-read pile so when she e-mailed me and asked me to review her book for my blog I was happy to tell her yes. So here is my review for her first book in the series. 

Goodreads Info: 

Paradox Series: Spanning over centuries to the present day, this is a story about love, loss and betrayal. The horrifying discovery that nothing is as it seems. When there is nowhere left to run & letting go is your only choice. Nine hundred years ago, under the complete cover of darkness, the Grigorian army rose silently from their underground lair and attacked the Bulguardian Royal Palace. The bloody and violent battle between the two most legendary houses raged on. All but destroying the majestic Royal City of Altair. It was not the first war that Juliette had endured between good and evil. And it most certainly would not be her last. Today, A little girl's world is turned upside down by a visitor,the Angel of Death. She finds herself trapped in a nightmare, consumed by her paralyzing loss and overwhelming grief. The haunting visions and untimely deaths of others are a constant reminder that life and death are only a heartbeat away. She eventually befriends the unusual little girl who moves in next door with captivating violet eyes and a profound knowledge of things that far exceeds her tender years. A saga crossing over two worlds. Two souls being drawn precariously together over the centuries. When your destiny has been written in blood, and you are left with one burning question. Is your Guardian Angel from Heaven or Hell?

My Thoughts: (I gave this book 4 Stars)

The first this I will say is I really liked how I could feel I was being drawn into the story. The way the author told the story makes me you feel like you are right there with Grace and her family. Every emotion, thought and certain elements in the storyline around them that was being written so beautiful that you could get lost into the book. Paradox is one of those books where leaves you wondering why such sad things happen to good people. I can see readers relating to this book for those who have lost ones they love. Grace who is 11 years old come to face something so horrible at her age something no little girl her age should ever have to deal with -Loosing someone she loves more than the air she breathes. Without giving to much Grace and her Mom, Kate struggle on a daily basis just to make it through the day. When Grace feels she does not want to feel sorry for her loss anymore she starts the day with new hope and a new friend, Angela. Angela is not like other 11 year old girls... she talks and acting like she is well beyond her years. As Kate and Grace slowly mend there broken hearts with the help of there friends, Angela and Wade who is the cop who sadly had to break the news to the family about the death - Something else is in works someplace faraway, long ago?! Only time will tell what will be in store for there family. As I read this book I found myself loving the character Grace. She was written with such spunk. I was able to relate to aspect of the book. Loss and feeling of hopelessness. I feel that readers who have lost someone in the past can easily understand what Grace is feeling. Paradox is a great book for anyone YA-Adult and a very fun and easy read. I immensely enjoyed reading it. I do look forward to reading what happens next. Patti Roberts is a born story-teller who knows how to throw in those great twists through the book - Paradox "The Angels Are Here". 

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