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--> Book Review: Haunt by Amber Delaine <--

Title: Haunt
Author: Amber Delaine
Number of Pages: 300
Published: Published July 5th 2011 by Amber Delaine

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I was contacted by Amber Delaine the author of Haunt a few weeks ago and she asked me to read and review her book Haunt. Haunt is a paranormal romance novel for YA and up. After reading the short summary Amber sent about her new book, Haunt I was so wanting to read this book. It sounded like a fun read. So here is my review of her book, Haunt. Thank you Amber for the book. : )

Goodreads Info: 

Artist Megan Nelson has never lived anywhere but the tiny Texas town in which she grew up. There is one bus, one corner store and everybody knows everybody. So when a stranger shows up, Megan is more than curious.

Adam is more than he seems: beautiful and strange. Megan soon finds herself falling in love with him as she learns who he is and where he comes from.

But being with Adam comes with a price. The closer Megan gets to Adam, the more she begins to realize that he holds a dark secret which threatens to tear apart everything she has ever known.

On top of it, Megan is plagued with guilt over her best friend, Tony. As her new love life puts a strain on their old friendship, Megan learns how love can help her overcome her terrifying circumstances and change the rest of her life.

My Thoughts: (I gave the book 4 Stars)

Haunt starts out where you meet a nice, simple girl from a small town in Texas. Her name is Megan and she has a passion for painting, hoping one day to become artist. Her best friend is a great guy named Tony who she has known most of her life. Megan is about to graduate high school soon and leave for a long road trip with Tony. One morning Megan wakes up late and in the rush of getting ready forgets her homework inside a book she was reading the day before. Doomed to fail, and being so close to the end of the school year this was not Meagan's day. After school she needs to get away from the looming stress so decides to go a playground from her childhood and after crying a while feels a presence near her only to find a gorgeous boy her age watching her. Without giving to much away, later Megan finds that this boy "Adam" cannot speak, but why? She is strangely draw to Adam more and more. Falling in love or lust with him in such short time. Who is Adam, why can't he speak and why after only knowing him for a few short days does Megan now face with more than she ever thought possible? Nearing the ending of the book Megan finds herself in need of Tony's help to find out the answers to these questions and in the progress starts to build a love relationship with Tony, one she never knew existed. Haunt is a face pace novel which will take you a roller-coaster ride of emotions. I kept asking myself, Who is Adam, why are these beyond odd occurrences keep happening to Megan?  The answers you find while reading Haunt will leave you guessing.  A very fun read for Young Adult - Adult readers. One that will leave you wanting more. I really enjoyed reading Haunt, very fun. The only reason I did not give the book 5 stars is because I was not sure why the title was named "Haunt".  I was not sure what it was referring to in reference to the novel itself, other than that I love the book and the plot. :) A very exciting novel for anyone who like the paranormal romance genre. 

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