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Bewitching Blog Tours: MM Shelley Guest Post: Travel to Ireland and see the Faeries

Travel to Ireland and see the Faeries

Ireland is near and dear to me, I am not Irish, but I have always
been fascinated with the Irish folklore. Such as the tales of the
Leprechauns and the Banshees, I’ve always wondered how did they
get their start in Irish folklore? Kind of like the chicken and the egg,
what came first?

An interesting side note, there is the story of Saint Patrick and
how he drove the snakes out of Ireland, which is why we celebrate St.
Patrick’s Day. Only to find out that the snakes that St. Patrick drove
out of Ireland were not snakes at all but actually Druids. St. Patrick
drove the Druids out of Ireland. But I don’t want to stray to far off topic
and so I will get back to the Faeries and Leprechauns.

If you find yourself in Ireland I suggest you step into a local Irish
pub and ask an Irishman about their local lore. You would surely get
different versions to the same tales. Maybe even learn a few new
ones. Either way you will most certainly be entertained by the stories
that they will gladly share with you.

So how did the leprechauns find their way into Irish folklore?
What is their story of Origin? (Leprechauns are not to be confused
with gnomes.)

In Irish mythology they are traced back to the Tuatha De
Danann an ancient race of mythical Irish creatures who were forced
to live underground. They were kind of like the Greek and Roman
gods, the Tuatha De Danann were a sort of deities.

As for the Banshee – well she was considered to be a faerie
messenger and most noted for wailing when someone is about to die.
Some believe that she may have been a goddess of some kind.

While writing my book, Mishap & Mayhem I’ve studied the
folklore and legends of another Island, the Hawaiian Island of Kauai. I

enjoyed incorporating the Hawaiian mythology into my story. It’s very
rich and respected by the Hawaiian people.

Thanks to Bittersweet Enchantment, for letting me share with
you all today. You can find me over at my blog: and on twitter @MM_Shelley

Much love,

M.M. Shelley


For centuries magical beings have hidden in the darkness, waiting. Some good,
some evil. A battle is brewing, and only twins, Grasiella and Tatiana, have the
power to stop it.

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M.M. Shelley is a storyteller, wordsmith and dreamer. MISHAP AND MAYHEM,
a captivating story of faerie's and magic, is her debut novel. She has traveled the
world extensively in search of the magic which is often overlooked in every day
life. M.M. Shelley is a native of southern California, and a student of mythology
from which she gets much inspiration.

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