Saturday, June 25, 2011

A little help?

Hey friends - I want to change my blog layout but I cant seem to find any blog layout sites that offer some free layouts that look nice. I am looking for something more dealing with books or fantasy. I wish I could afford to buy a personal paid one for my blog but with no money because I can't work dealing with my back issues money is a big issue so if anyone knows of any good blogger layouts sites please let me know. Thanks you!! :)


  1. The easiest way to change your blog is to use blogger's template designer. You can use any picture (from your computer, find it online, wherever) and upload it as the background image. This is a good way to do it because the blogger template designer will be compatible with all the blogger elements.

    Some sites that might be useful:

  2. Although it looks like you already changed it. This layout looks nice.

  3. These look like great books, thanks for sharing.


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