Monday, May 31, 2010

Alone Again, - Poem written by Beckie Voigts

Alone....again. The wait of the world on my shoulders, can't bear anymore. 
Lost in a world of hate, pain, and loneliness. Love and happiness lost amoung the crashing waves of my heart.
As I sit and cry day after day I pray for someone to heal my broken heart and feed my soul with love....
No one cares? Do I truely not belong in this world? I was I never meet to be born? Fallen tears brush my cheeks
once again as I fall asleep into a dreamless sleep... Alone! Always! Will I ever find my way back to love and happiness? 

(this poem was written today after feeling lost and alone - Another day, Alone!)


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Reading and Bed....

Well it has been a long day and to much pain for my body to handle as always so I am going to read some more of Eclipse and go off to bed. I am dead tired and in need of some sleep. I am going to work tomorrow on my new blog header so I hope it turns out okay looking.... *hopes for wet dreams of Rob* Night all Twi-Fans! Sweet Dreams! 

Hugs and Bites,
Beckie // xxoo


Been laying here on my laptop working on my blog. I still need to make a Twilight Header for the page but going to take a break. My neck is killing me and I need sleep. I hope I can sleep... maybe have some yummy Rob dreams. After adding those two YouTube videos I think I will have images of Rob dancing through my thoughts as I try to sleep. ^.^ A girl can hope. I will have to add some pics of Rob to the page sometime later but for now I am off to dream land...

Robert Pattinson Is Our Dirty Boy

Rob Pattinson - Let my fingers do the walking

First impressions...

First impressions...
Smiling eyes
Swiftly sensing how
With each seductive glance
They are devouring my soul
Every bit of all that I am
All I know myself to be
Walls made dense through time
Are now brought down
So effortlessly
Damning all uncertainties
Swallowing prejudices whole
A new world built for them to see

Confident eyes
Teasing with a conscious stare
Fracturing my crystalline facade
Erecting a bridge to
That Mona Lisa smile and those irrational lips
As I stand naked in his cloudless sky
His look embracing me steadily
Slow to breath
Slow to speak
Without words to mark this moment
Without sensibility

Earnest eyes
Pleading with mine to leave
Yet eagerly grasping
For a natural response from mine
Relentlessly pursuing
My every raw unflinching move
For some undeniable pleasure of certainty
My sole objective
To deny the satisfaction they seek
Is lost in the midst of his obsession
Lucidity now fleeting
Myself and all I know myself to be
Grows painfully distant
Timidly I surrender to these
Faultless eyes
Ever more consenting to their flawed view of me

Alejandra S. ( Miami , FL )

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


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